Sunday, October 5, 2014

"MFA, Autumn, Works In Progress"

Hello Art Buddies!
Great to be back at MFA!
Also great to be back posting some of my art!

Pencil Sketch Of East Boston Triple Decker
Pen and Ink East Boston Triple Decker
East Boston Triple Decker
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 30"
This is the beginning of another of my many versions of this East Boston Triple Decker!
I posted a photo of the first of this series some time ago. Titled it "Last One Standing!"
While  at MFA I am painting this scene two ways at the same time.  This first one is going to be more of a wild and spontaneous version.  The photo of the one below may turn out to be a bit more representational and serious?! 

Working on this piece with a rough sketch underneath.  I seldom, if ever, do a sketch on the canvas.  Thought I would work a bit differently.
Both paintings are in their very early stages!  Let's see what happens!
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 30"

Also in progress.
"Love That Dirty Water!"
Acrylic Canvas 12" x 14"
When we were younger on hot summer days in East Boston we would swim at the local piers. I am very excited about finishing this piece.  Evokes many great memories growing up in
the city! 
Love Autumn!
Foliage is just starting to change.
Field near my home.

Another early Autumn scene from Middleboro ,Massachusetts, USA!
Fall could be my favorite season!
(However I am looking forward to snow this winter!)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Must Love Dogs!" Two Dog Portraits" Acrylic 16" x 20"

Surprise painting for my nephew and niece. Sad to write the  dogs passed away. My thought was this painting might ease some of the pain.
Much work for me.  Labor of love!

Another dog portrait finished this summer to give to a friend who so misses his dog who passed away.

So much joy when the recipients got their respective dog portraits.
Some time ago I mentioned in my blog that I was working on a surprise! These works are  the surprises.  So difficult for me to keep a secret.  Everyone was certainly surprised and so very happy when I presented them with their gifts.  Also a few tears.
The power of art still amazes me!

This summer we took a boat out of Boston to Salem Massachusetts to see this once in a life time Turner exhibit!  Wow!  Turner is certainly up there with the many artists I so love.  Once many years ago an art professor of mine mentioned that my work reminded him of Turner!   Wow!
I hope everyone had a great summer!
Bring on the fall!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The Power Of Art and You Can Go Home!"

"Boston Trolley"
The other day I sold this painting to a very happy client, Ellen, who lives in my home town, East Boston!
This was another painting I was reluctant to sell. Most of my paintings I don't paint with the intent to sell. I usually paint for the emotional attachment I have to the subject and the joy of the painting process.  Ellen was so moved by this piece that I decided I had to let her buy it! When I delivered it to her beautiful home she was overcome with joy and emotion. She teared up!  Such a wonderful feeling to see how one's art can have such a glorious effect.
After leaving the client's home I walked smack into my alma mater, East Boston High School!  How ironic and wonderful that the very place where I began my art journey so  very long ago was so near!  I was thinking my high school art teacher would have been proud.

 At near by Kelly's pub I spot a photo of me running the Boston Marathon. I gave it to the current owner's father almost twenty five years ago when the pub was located at another spot in town.  What a wonderful surprise to see it at the new location!
Of course this "wicked awesome" day had to be topped off with some of East Boston's best Italian pizza!
So very fortunate!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Happy Birthday USA!"

Top of our town hall!
Oil 5" x 5" canvas!
I seldom work on this small a surface.
July 4 USA Independence Day!
Happy Fourth Of July!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"MFA Portrait Class"

 My MFA portrait class ended last week.

(All acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas!)

I am pleased with them all. Some are unfinished.  May leave them that way.  I do have a few favorites.
Very excited about working more on the last portrait of woman.  When I took that photo I even added a few leafs from an overhanging plant in my studio!

Me, saying goodbye to Turner's "Slave Ship!"  One of my favorite paintings!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Something Very Different" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

While organizing some very old art works of mine I came upon this piece.  I almost can't believe I did it.  So very different than what I am doing now!  I couldn't make out the date in the right hand corner?  Maybe thirty plus years ago?
(Working hard on surprise art gifts.  Will post ASAP!  Also getting my MFA portraits organized to post photos soon!  So what is going on in your neck of the woods?)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"June 14 USA Flag Day!"

June 14 is Flag Day In The US!

Acrylic Canvas 14" x 24"

Acrylic Canvas 14" x 24"

Front of our home decorated for "Flag Day!"
(We keep our flags up all year round!)

Neighbor's Tree

Flag On Our Garage

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Happy Day Of Portugal!" "Feliz Dia De Portugal!"

Day Of Portugal June 10

"Feliz Dia De Portugal!"

 When I started my thirty-five year teaching career in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA, I became interested in everything Portuguese!
I was so very fortunate to have so many wonderful students!  Many  of them from Os Acores, Portugal!
Every June 10 in Portugal and all over the world wherever the wonderful Portuguese emigrated "Dia De Portugal" is celebrated.  Our students had "pen pals" with their counterparts in Portugal! We  cumulated our year long cultural exchange programs with our own celebrations at many of the fantastic Portuguese restaurants in Fall River!
(Love Portuguese Food!  Mmmmm!)

"Portuguese Caravel" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 36"
I did this painting a while back.  I am posting it today to commemorate the Day Of Portugal.  Look carefully and you should see the Portuguese flag flying high on the main sail mast and the flag of the Acores at the aft of the ship!
Abracos e beijos!
Seu amigo,
Michael aka Miguel

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Drama Clouds Skies Waves Oceans"

Fellow artist and blogger David J. Teter, Avid Art, recently discussed sky drama and how he uses it in his wonderful work.
His blog entry prompted me to post some of my older works where I focused on drama and emotion in the sky and ocean.
I so love action and emotion and so much more in my work!
If you enjoy wonderful art full of drama and emotion check out David J. Teter's "Avid Art" Blog!

Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

Acrylic Canvas 18" x 30"

Acrylic Canvas 40" x 48"

Oil Canvas 16" x 20"

Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Memorial Day" "Portrait Painting" "And Other Things"

In the United States, on the third Monday in May, we commemorate all the service men and women who lost their lives in battle by honoring their memory with our "Memorial Day" Holiday!  It is a very solomon and sacred day!  There are local parades, visits to the cemeteries, wreath laying ceremonies, and so much more.
On my way to my MFA art class last Friday I walked through the historic Boston Common to take a few photos to share with all my art blogging buddies! 

Photo of some of the 37,000 US flag posted to honor the 37,000 Massachusetts women and men who lost their lives in the service of their country! An awesome and very emotional sight!

Close up of some of the 37,000 commemorative flags at the Boston Common!

The Boston Common is the oldest public park in the United States.  Started off as a common area for cattle grazing!
(This photo is only of a small part of the park!  In background you can see "old" John Hancock Building and the "new" John Hancock Tower!)

On my way to MFA I had to take a photo of our beautiful Massachusetts State House
(Architect Charles Bulfinch!)
Statue of Massachusetts favorite son, President John F. Kennedy!  Statue on the grounds of our State House!
(When I was a little boy John Kennedy was marching in a local East Boston parade and my Dad had me run up and shake JFK's hand.  Never forgot that day!  Thanks Dad!)
I did this painting / collage a while back to commemorate Memorial Day!  

I am still taking the portrait painting class!  This one is almost done!  I loved the model!  A very interesting face!  The teacher wanted us to not only make a successful portrait but more important a successful work of art!  I like that task!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Gift"

 I finally finished and presented my friend's daughter with her college graduation gift!  I was so nervous that she might not like it!  So hard for me to do a piece of art for someone!  I worked on this piece for weeks! Until the very last minute I wasn't sure if I was even going to give it to her! So concerned that she may not like it! 
Anyway I painted this scene over and over so many times.  I even painted four different paintings. She loves Boston!  So I decided to do a version of my "Boston From East Boston Series!" Over and over again!
#1 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"
First stage of the gift!
Love all stages of painting!  I especially love covering the white canvas with some paint first and fast!  Then usually I can "see" the painting emerge from the canvas!

#1 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"
So very happy to see the skyline appear!  Love this part!

#1 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"

Happy with the way this one turned out!

#2 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 14" x 24"
Like this one also.  Maybe too small?


#3 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"
The ecstasy is worth the agony!


#4 "The Gift" Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"

I love the way my mind works.  Well, most of the time!


(Oh!  Should I tell you which one I gave her?)

(Another "Oh!" She loved her "Gift!")