Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Appeal To The Great Spirit!"

Acrylic Canvas Board 14" x 20"
I so love the statue of "The Appeal To The Great Spirit" in front of Boston's Museum Of Fine Arts!  I finally decided to paint it!  

i Pad
Thanks to Linda Roth I tried the i pad's app ArtRage to do a quick plein air of "The Appeal To The Great Spirit!"  Much fun! I so need to learn how to use all the wonderful painting tools!

Middleboro, MA, USA,  Nemasket River Winter 2015
First real snow of the season!  Only five inches of the beautiful white stuff!  Still enough to create an awesome winter wonderland.
(Huge North Easter predicted for later this week!  Maybe 0ne to two feet of snow!  Yippee!)

Middleboro, MA, USA, Nemasket River Fall 2014
I thought it might be fun and interesting to see the same scene but during a different season!  I feel so lucky to leave in New England where we have four beautiful seasons!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa Plein Air Painting!

Hoping this photo is a funny this year as last year!
Have the best painting year ever for all my wonderful artist buddies!  Of course much joy, peace, happiness, and good health!
(Oh, the jolly guy in the photo is not the real Santa it's me!)
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Snow Delma's Corner East Boston" Acrylic 16" x 20" Canvas BoardMe

Seasons Greetings!  Merry Christmas!  As teenagers we spent many a snowy evening on this street corner in East Boston, MA USA.  I did this scene quite a few times. First time with a bit of snow!  Happy Holidays everyone!  Peace.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving Plymouth Massachusetts USA!"

 Thought I would post some photos of Plymouth Harbor to commemorate this year's Thanksgiving holiday!
(I may have posted some of these photos last year?)
"Sail Boats Off Cape Cod"  Acrylic 20" x 24" Canvas

"Bug Light Plymouth Harbor" Oil 16" x 20" Canvas

Replica of the Mayflower. Ship that took Pilgrims to the New World in 1620

Portico that holds "Plymouth Rock!" Plymouth Rock is a symbol of the actual landing of the Mayflower in 1620!
(Pilgrims first landed in what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts but left after realizing the sand was not good for farming.  Crossed the bay over to what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts!)
Me, a while back, after catching a Cod Fish in Plymouth Harbor.
At the time of the Pilgrims Cod Fish was so plentiful that the  bay and the local area was called Cape Cod! Sad to say now there is a problem with the depletion of Cod in the area.  Not sure why.  Many think over fishing.  Maybe even Global Warming? Scientists and Fishermen still working hard to explain and solve problem.

Seeing humpback whales off Plymouth is a wonderful sight!

"Bug Light" Popular light house in Plymouth Bay!  I painted this lighthouse many times and in many ways!

Statue Of Massasoit! Great Chief Of The Wampanoags.  The local tribe that helped the Pilgrims survive that very dangerous and difficult first winter! This beautiful statue stands high on a hill overlooking Plymouth Harbor!
(This famous statue was made by Cyrus E. Dallin, the same talented sculptor who created "Appeal To The Great Spirit" which stands in front of the Museum Of 
Fine Arts in Boston!)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Love A Rainy MFA Day!"I

Beautiful Heavy Pouring Rain In Boston Last Week! And I Loved Every Second Of It!
( While walking in the rain I was of course listening to Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" on my iphone!)

I couldn't find one of my brushes!  Too my amazement it fell perfectly aligned into the paint on my palette!  Even now a bit hard to locate the "camouflaged" art helper! Can you see it?  Notice I often use just the primary colors as a challenge to see if I can mix the paint I need!  Also less weight in my back pack!!!  I use the cotton swabs to "wipe off" areas of paint from the canvas! I love the water spray bottle.  I often spray water on the canvas while the paint is wet! So many wonderful things happen while the water drips over the wet paint! Not sure what I use the yellow paper clip for but fun to see it by itself on the table!

I am loving painting this East Boston Triple Decker over and over again!  I think I may have at least four finished works of this same subject!  For some reason lately I haven't been completing much art!  Fun and exciting to keep on going and see what happens!  I so love the process!
(Acrylic 16" x 20" Canvas)

Sometimes I like to work on a few paintings at the same time.  This work is slowly evolving into two subjects I love to paint,  the ocean and cityscapes.  I am not sure how it happens!  It just does!
(Acrylic 14" 16" Canvas Board)

Another example of letting my mind wander while taking a break from other paintings! An art buddy of mine did the background!  She was planning on discarding it but instead asked me to do something over it!  Fun way to pass some time!  (Kind of a Halloween / Fall theme?)  May do more when I need a "break!"
(Acrylic 14" x 16" Canvas Board)

I so love taking the subway to the MFA!  Always some wonderful street musicians making beautiful music!  These two young men were playing some early fantastic Beatles tunes!  Of course many of the commuters missed their trains to stay and listen!  I love when everyone claps at the end of their songs.  Of course I am usually the one leading the applause!

"Delmas" Street corner in East Boston!  Another version of a neighborhood corner where my high school buddies and I "hung out!"  This too is not yet finished!  I am not one to be overly concerned about "finishing" a work.  Not sure why!  But I guess in the big picture it is of little concern.  I have been painting this work over and over again.  I so love a "layered" effect.  This painting started off as a daytime scene but now there is no question in my mind it will be a night scene.  I didn't plan on it but notice the glow of light in lower front of building?  I will add a street lamp soon as a light source! Thinking of adding some images of teenagers singing "Doo Wop Songs" from way back in 
the day!
In the USA Thanksgiving is coming!  A great holiday to stop and ponder and be thankful!  I am thankful for so many things!
Paint on!
(Acrylic 16" x 20" Canvas Board)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Art By Susan Smolensky And Martine Alison Boston MA USA

So very, very happy to go to Boston's International Art Show and see so many great works of art!  Especially thrilled to see great art by fellow art bloggers Susan Smolensky and Martine Alison!

In Boston to see the International Art Show!

Mall in front of venue for Boston's International Art Show.
Entrance To Boston's Historic Cyclorama Building Site Of International Art Show.

Old Photo Of Boston's South End Historic Cyclorama Building Site Of International Art Show.
Thrilled to see wonderful art by Susan Smolensky, top left, and Martine Alison, bottom left!

Wonderful art by fantastic artist and fellow art blogger, Martine Alison!

More great art by wicked awesome artist and art blogger, Susan Smolensky!

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Field Of Blue Forget-Me-Not Flowers And Flag Of The United States Of America" Oil Canvas 14" x 24"

"Veterans Day 2014"

"Blue Forget-Me-Nots"

I originally posted this painting for Flag Day!
It is so very appropriate that I post it again to bring attention to "Veterans Day!"
In the United States, each November 11, we take time to honor our brave servicewomen and servicemen!
Because the blue forget-me-not flowers have been associated with the Disabled American Veterans since the end of World War One I hoped this painting, in some small way, would help us to remember their tremendous sacrifice!
A very special shout out to Sergeant Peter Damon United States Army, fantastic artist, dear friend, and a severely wounded warrior!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem As Lovely As A Tree!" Two Watercolors 9" x 12" Paper

"Two Trees"

"Oak #1"
An old and very interesting oak tree in front of my house was the inspiration for both these water color paintings!
Celia Blanco's fine water colors motivated me to try my hand at painting using this wonderful medium!

Much Fun!

"Oak #2"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Half Ball?" Acrylic Canvas Board 9" x 12"

This painting is of a game called "half ball!" The game was very popular in my hometown, East Boston, Massachusetts, USA in the late 1940's up until late 1960s!

We played the game using an old  hollow beat up "pimple" rubber ball that we cut in half.   We cut them in half to play half ball  mainly because they lost most of the "air" inside and they were no good to play stick ball. Soon we started to cut them in half even when they were new because we enjoyed playing half ball more than stick ball!  We used and old sawed off broom stick for a bat!  So very challenging to hit, pitch, and catch the half ball.    Best to have at least two players on a team.  Pitcher and catcher so the batter doesn't have to throw the ball back to the pitcher if swung and missed.  We had singles, doubles, triples, and home runs! No running of bases.  Hits were determined by many varying factors!  Usually the height  and the distance the half ball traveled when hit! Outs were made by simply catching the ball in flight or catching as it rolled quickly on the ground. We used parked cars, telephone poles, windows in buildings and so much more to determine the type of hit!  
The rules of the game varied from city to city and street corner to street corner!

If interested in the reactions to this painting from my East Boston buddies who played the game please "friend me" at my face book page "Michael East Boston!"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Happy Halloween!" "Scary Beautiful Tree" Oil 14" x 20" Canvas

Happy Halloween!
My all time favorite holiday!

"Scary Beautiful Tree" Oil 14" x 20" Canvas

I love trees!  I really should make time to paint them more often.  This particular painting just screams Halloween to me!
I hope everyone has a great holiday!  Boo!

(Just noticed the flash!  Try to post a better photo soon!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

"MFA, Autumn, Works In Progress"

Hello Art Buddies!
Great to be back at MFA!
Also great to be back posting some of my art!

Pencil Sketch Of East Boston Triple Decker
Pen and Ink East Boston Triple Decker
East Boston Triple Decker
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 30"
This is the beginning of another of my many versions of this East Boston Triple Decker!
I posted a photo of the first of this series some time ago. Titled it "Last One Standing!"
While  at MFA I am painting this scene two ways at the same time.  This first one is going to be more of a wild and spontaneous version.  The photo of the one below may turn out to be a bit more representational and serious?! 

Working on this piece with a rough sketch underneath.  I seldom, if ever, do a sketch on the canvas.  Thought I would work a bit differently.
Both paintings are in their very early stages!  Let's see what happens!
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 30"

Also in progress.
"Love That Dirty Water!"
Acrylic Canvas 12" x 14"
When we were younger on hot summer days in East Boston we would swim at the local piers. I am very excited about finishing this piece.  Evokes many great memories growing up in
the city! 
Love Autumn!
Foliage is just starting to change.
Field near my home.

Another early Autumn scene from Middleboro ,Massachusetts, USA!
Fall could be my favorite season!
(However I am looking forward to snow this winter!)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Must Love Dogs!" Two Dog Portraits" Acrylic 16" x 20"

Surprise painting for my nephew and niece. Sad to write the  dogs passed away. My thought was this painting might ease some of the pain.
Much work for me.  Labor of love!

Another dog portrait finished this summer to give to a friend who so misses his dog who passed away.

So much joy when the recipients got their respective dog portraits.
Some time ago I mentioned in my blog that I was working on a surprise! These works are  the surprises.  So difficult for me to keep a secret.  Everyone was certainly surprised and so very happy when I presented them with their gifts.  Also a few tears.
The power of art still amazes me!

This summer we took a boat out of Boston to Salem Massachusetts to see this once in a life time Turner exhibit!  Wow!  Turner is certainly up there with the many artists I so love.  Once many years ago an art professor of mine mentioned that my work reminded him of Turner!   Wow!
I hope everyone had a great summer!
Bring on the fall!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The Power Of Art and You Can Go Home!"

"Boston Trolley"
The other day I sold this painting to a very happy client, Ellen, who lives in my home town, East Boston!
This was another painting I was reluctant to sell. Most of my paintings I don't paint with the intent to sell. I usually paint for the emotional attachment I have to the subject and the joy of the painting process.  Ellen was so moved by this piece that I decided I had to let her buy it! When I delivered it to her beautiful home she was overcome with joy and emotion. She teared up!  Such a wonderful feeling to see how one's art can have such a glorious effect.
After leaving the client's home I walked smack into my alma mater, East Boston High School!  How ironic and wonderful that the very place where I began my art journey so  very long ago was so near!  I was thinking my high school art teacher would have been proud.

 At near by Kelly's pub I spot a photo of me running the Boston Marathon. I gave it to the current owner's father almost twenty five years ago when the pub was located at another spot in town.  What a wonderful surprise to see it at the new location!
Of course this "wicked awesome" day had to be topped off with some of East Boston's best Italian pizza!
So very fortunate!