Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Boston Marathon, Patriots Day, Painting Boston From East Boston!"

"Boston From East Boston"
Acrylic Canvas 12" x 24"
One of many in a series!
Almost finished!
Gift for friends' daughter's graduation from Northeastern University in Boston!

Me at nephews' home in Boston's Southend.  Historic Brownstone Building!
In town for family Easter gathering and to view Patriots Day Boston Marathon!
So very happy to be at Boston Marathon!  Especially after last years tragedy!  Pleased to see so many spectators and almost thirty seven thousand runners!  Boston is on the mend!

So very happy to see American Meb Keflezighi  win this years Boston Marathon!  So good for the city and country.  First time American won the race in more than three decades! 
Some wonderful and unexpected news.  A painting I left at last years Boston Marathon Tragedy Memorial was photographed and featured in  commemorative book on the makeshift marathon memorial.  I was asked to meet author and photographer at the book signing. 

Emotional and well done book of photographs of items left at makeshift 2013 Boston Marathon Memorial!

Photo of collage I made and left at makeshift Boston Marathon memorial last year!  Side is list of quotes from collage! Sad but nice to see photo of my work in the book.
Being in Boston for this years marathon and seeing photo in book was very emotional!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"The Agony And The Ecstasy & Forsythia!"

"Portrait #3 Acrylic 16" x 20" canvas"

This week's portrait class had much joy and some frustration!  Agony and ecstasy!
As soon as the teacher left I wiped off my complete first attempt! I felt it was going nowhere! Sometimes just have to start anew! I had to do a quick sketch to have something on the canvas for the teacher to see!  I felt ever so mischievous!  
Check out the upside down photo and you can barely see my initial approach almost gone!
Much more work to do on this one.  Model is returning next week!  Yippee!
(Next Monday, Patriots' Day in Boston!  A year since the tragedy! We will certainly be sad but we certainly will carry on!)

My little set up!

Look carefully and see my mostly rubbed out first attempt! (Right side up!  Second attempt is upside down!)  I kind of like the first one still sneaking through!  I think I will leave it as I progress with my second try!

So happy to finally see the forsythia in bloom!

I woke early today and saw some wonderful snow!  Had to take photo just at sunrise because temperature was on the rise and snow was already starting to melt!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Call Me Mister Blue" Acrylic Canvas 16" x 20"

I "finished" my second portrait at my MFA class! The model did return from last week but I decided not to continue with that work.  Instead I went with a limited palette and a different approach! I am learning so much from this experience. Especially to "see" better and make appropriate adjustments! Even now while looking at the painting I can see so many places where I could do more!  I am glad I stopped though and I am very much looking forward to next week's class and a new model!
(The painting reminds me a little of one of the characters in the "Avatar" movie?)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"MFA Portrait Painting Class And More!"

Portrait Acrylic Canvas 16" x 20" Canvas

At MFA this week and worked on this piece in my first portrait painting class.  In the past I did some pencil drawing and charcoal portrait work but this is my first class using paint to make portraits! Much fun and work!  Had to rush this one because I left the session  early and the model may not be returning next week.  I still have so many adjustments to make.  I wish he allowed us to photograph him so I could continue at home.  I hope next week the model returns because I am ready to continue with fresh and rested eyes!
While in Boston I visited the fire station that suffered the loss of two firefighters in last weeks tragedy!   I went there to pay my respects and leave a painting of a Boston Firefighter I did some time ago.  Talking to the firefighters and giving them the painting  was very emotional. Because of the heavy rain forecasted they decided to keep the painting in the fire house instead outside at the makeshift memorial. I hope in some small way it brought them a bit of comfort.  Thank you to all my art blogging buddies for understanding my posting sad as well as happy events on my blog!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Sad Day In Boston"

Two heroic Boston Firefighters died yesterday while fighting a horrific fire in the Back Bay section of our city!
A very sad day!
(I painted this work some time ago.  Appropriate to post it today.)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Signs Of Spring, Me, And Some Unfinished Work!"

Spring is not cooperating in most parts of New England! Because there aren't many "signs" of spring around yet
my first sign of spring is literally a "sign!" Every spring I make a sign announcing our little group's Passover Seder!
Happy Spring, Passover, and Easter!

I scraped away some snow and found this little guy screaming, "Grow!  Grow!  Grow!" In a few months this "Day Lily" will grow two to three feet and produce the most beautiful orange flowers!

I had to go to my friends house about twenty miles south to find some flowering plants and no snow!  His land gets plenty of sun.  Most of the snow on his property has melted!

Not really a sign of spring but a silly photo of me leading my MFA art class in a sing along!  It is so good to laugh and sing!  Or in my case try to sing!
Another sign on spring is not a sign but a slate.  Now that spring has officially sprung I will hang this small basket of flowers slate!

"Flying Cloud" No where near finished!

Need to post some art work!  Finished or not!  This clipper ship and housing project scene had to put on hold! The reason I am not finishing much work is I am on a top secret mission!  So secret I could only post a blank canvas at end of blog!  Somebody asked me to paint a few portraits of some of his / her family members as a surprise. His or Her family members check my blog regularly so I can't post photos or write more!  I will have to practice my "fibbing skills" if people ask me questions! When portraits are finished and delivered I will post photos!  Portraits are so much work!  It is good for me to be disciplined and make actual renderings of someone!  I don't always like the "work" part of art work! Wish me luck!

"East Boston Housing Project" No where near finished!

Blank canvas for a surprise work for a friend's family!  Fun to be  a little bit sneaky!  I feel a bit like Carly Simon not telling people about the person who influenced her writing of "Your So Vain!"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Happy Saint Patrick's Day-Evacuation Day!"

Acrylic Paint New England Roof Slate 14" x 18"
Saint Patrick's Day is a huge holiday in many parts of the United States!  None bigger than in Boston, Massachusetts!  Bostonians not only celebrate Saint Patrick's Day but also the day, during our War For Independence, British troops evacuated Boston! Many parades, parties, dances, concerts, dinners, and so much more to celebrate both occasions! I painted this slate and hang it up as soon as March 17 comes round!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Two Works of art?  
I think so!
Both photos are of the top of one of my studio painting tables.  Wonderful how a "messy" table can turn into a "work of art"!

I have been very busy working at MFA last few weeks on quite a few "realistic" pieces.  Hope to finish them soon to post!  I have quite a few "unfinished MFA works I may post also!  Hope everyone has been well!  

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Finished Trolley" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

I am very happy with this finished work.
I got just about everything I wanted in this painting.  Happy when that happens!

Just started this one!  It is going to be marine painting.  The Flying Cloud Clipper Ship from East Boston's own Donald McKay
Spring time "Appeal To The Great Spirit"
Boston MFA

Winter time "Appeal To The Great Spirit"
Boston MFA
I took this photo Monday, just as snow began to fall.  I love the mantel of white snow on the warrior's shoulders and horses back!
Me!  Home from MFA in our woods just as storm started to intensify!
More than a foot of the beautiful white stuff!

Mountains of road salt stored at Boston Harbor.  The salt is usually mixed with sand and then spread on our Massachusetts roads during snow storms. The mixture along with snow plowing keeps our roads clear in the winter time!

Friday, January 31, 2014

"Boston Trolleys and New England Roof Slate Paintings!"

#1 Trolley Painting Update
I plan on finishing "#1 Trolley Painting" and "#2 Trolley Painting" this week.  Wish me luck!

I worked on two roof slate paintings this week. In New England the pineapple has been a welcome symbol since colonial days.  For years the families of seamen placed pineapples or symbols of pineapples at their front doors to welcome their loved ones home from the sea! 
This New England roof slate painting shows an old mill in the winter.  Water power was quite common in many parts of Massachusetts for centuries.  At the last minute I added small male and female cardinals

Old Mill New England Welcome Roof Slate hanging near my front door.  Welcome everyone!

Added the Pineapple Welcome Roof Slate between our garage doors. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

"Back At The MFA And Loving It!"

"Old School Boston Trolley"
I am thrilled to be taking another class at Boston's Museum Of Fine Arts!

I am doing two paintings at the same time of the same subject!
Both works are Acrylic on 20"x 28" canvas.

#1 Beginning

Not sure why I painted this explosion of colors as a background!  I know that sometimes the underpainting helps me figure out the paintings direction. I almost stopped at this point. 

#1 Progressing
 I love how the trolley is emerging!  I will definitely paint out the scary looking second trolley in the background!
#2 Beginning
 Painting the car first and the background next is very unusual for me.

#2 Progressing

I am so off the chart happy with the way this piece is turning out! I did quite a bit of layering and started to add some details.  I love how the trolley is again emerging from the work!  
I will post photos of the finished works when they are complete.
I may post a photo of a New England Welcome slate painting soon!
Thank you for visiting and writing to me.  Makes my day!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

"I Miss You Vincent"

A Very Sad Day For Your Art Buddy, Michael

Sad to write...After a long illness my dear friend of sixty years , Vincent, passed away this morning!
The other day I posted a  photo of my gift to him, "Boston News Paper Boy!" Your comments on that post were so comforting.
Thank you!

This piece is another of our favorites!

"Young Boston Shoe Shine Boy"

(While growing up in East Boston we both shined shoes and sold newspapers so many years ago.)

Friday, January 10, 2014

"For Vincent!" Acrylic 14" x 16" Canvas

"Newsboy #2"

Lately I have been working on a number of different paintings.   Moving from one to another without "finishing" many!  Not sure why!
Happy to report I did finish this newsboy painting for a very dear friend of mine!  He loves it! He was very surprised and very happy to receive it!  I sold a painting very similar to this a while back that I only recently found out Vincent loved!  He and I were both Boston newspaper boys back in the day! This work has a very special meaning for both of us!   I am still amazed how powerful and important art can be!
Enjoy every second on the planet and savor every day!
Peace and so much more!
"We few, we happy, we band of brothers!"
("Saint Crispin's Day" W.Shakespeare)
(Thank you Janice!)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Snow Day!"

"Massachusetts Winter Day!"
(Fifteen to twenty beautiful inches of snow and awesome single digit temperatures!"
"Red Cardinal!  White Snow!  Wow!
"Beauty At The Feeder!"

Good Morning Snow!  Our Little Road!

"Shoveled Out And Ready To Go!"

"Snow Bog Blog!"
"Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA, USA!
My Alma Mater!"
"Field near my home! Looks great during any season!"

"Only an artist would place white chicken eggs in a holly bush!"
"Remarkable Red Headed Woodpecker!"
A shout out to our fellow art blogging buddies, "Wendy From Australia of Wendy Barrett Paintings And Other Creations" who never experiences snow, and "Mary of Just Painting" who has a special place in her heart for cardinals!