Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Vive La France!"

Not painting much lately!  But I had to paint this very quick rendering of France's beautiful Tricolor!
So very, very sad!
Vive La France!


  1. Michael, it is good to see you posting something again. I miss seeing your work. It is heartbreaking to se the violence and terrorism that is once again sprouting it's ugly head. I pray for all the areas in the world where this is happening. Peace is so needed!

  2. Thoughts and prayers going to France!!

  3. It is very sad indeed, very uncertain times we are living. I am at least happy to see you painting, Michael. I hope you are well and send you all my best!!

  4. You can always be counted on to paint something meaningful. Hoping you will get back to your studio soon, (but, time off can also be invigorating). :)