Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Signs Of Spring, Me, And Some Unfinished Work!"

Spring is not cooperating in most parts of New England! Because there aren't many "signs" of spring around yet
my first sign of spring is literally a "sign!" Every spring I make a sign announcing our little group's Passover Seder!
Happy Spring, Passover, and Easter!

I scraped away some snow and found this little guy screaming, "Grow!  Grow!  Grow!" In a few months this "Day Lily" will grow two to three feet and produce the most beautiful orange flowers!

I had to go to my friends house about twenty miles south to find some flowering plants and no snow!  His land gets plenty of sun.  Most of the snow on his property has melted!

Not really a sign of spring but a silly photo of me leading my MFA art class in a sing along!  It is so good to laugh and sing!  Or in my case try to sing!
Another sign on spring is not a sign but a slate.  Now that spring has officially sprung I will hang this small basket of flowers slate!

"Flying Cloud" No where near finished!

Need to post some art work!  Finished or not!  This clipper ship and housing project scene had to put on hold! The reason I am not finishing much work is I am on a top secret mission!  So secret I could only post a blank canvas at end of blog!  Somebody asked me to paint a few portraits of some of his / her family members as a surprise. His or Her family members check my blog regularly so I can't post photos or write more!  I will have to practice my "fibbing skills" if people ask me questions! When portraits are finished and delivered I will post photos!  Portraits are so much work!  It is good for me to be disciplined and make actual renderings of someone!  I don't always like the "work" part of art work! Wish me luck!

"East Boston Housing Project" No where near finished!

Blank canvas for a surprise work for a friend's family!  Fun to be  a little bit sneaky!  I feel a bit like Carly Simon not telling people about the person who influenced her writing of "Your So Vain!"


  1. LOVED your post Michael!! Very entertaining! Your first "sign" of spring is great and also the bulbs beginning to sprout are a lovely sight to see. The contrast between your seasons are so dramatic. Our first signs of Autumn are more subtle and usually involve the discerning of a wonderful crisp, cool earthy smell to the air.
    It's a great photo of you leading the sing-a-long, I think your fellow students are very lucky to have you in the class. Looks like you're having a lot of fun.
    Your spring slate picture is beautiful and makes a delightful welcome to your home. I feel inspired to begin painting similar welcome signs (but don't hold me to it!)
    Your two works in progress are already looking fantastic and your blank canvas oozes potential and mystery. Good luck with the "work" part - and good luck with the fibbing practice too!
    Happy painting - and singing!
    Your enjoying-spring-vicariously cobber,

    1. I am so very fortunate to have the best art blog followers on the planet! Literally!
      I am always so very happy when I see your name appear on the comment form Wendy! So a huge "G'Day Mate to you!"
      Thank you Wendy for hanging in with me. I so appreciate your very kind words! They help make my day!
      I am so glad you like my spring post! Fun can be so important!
      Now it looks like I will be holding you to making a little Australian welcome sign buddy! Not really but it would be fun to see you do one. No pressure though! I guess just a little bit?
      Thanks for wishing me well on my secret project! It is so hard for me to keep a secret! So far I am doing very well!
      I am glad you are enjoying our spring vicariously! I will do the same with your fall! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! Well, there are only four so the other three are my favorites also! I will comment soon!
      Best of luck with your writing!!!! I imagine you are a great author!
      Take care cobber!
      Your USA Art Mate!

  2. You are such a "Character" Michael!!! Loved your post...wonderful signs but LOVE your paintings even though they're not finished!! Especially "East Boston Housing Project" which some people in my workshop would say its FINISHED ! Honestly I would be one of reminds me so much of Edward Hopper's work!!! Looking forward to seeing the surprise work .....take care my friend!

    1. Hello Hilda! Thank you so much for the wonderful "such a character" compliment! I am thrilled that my little art blog can make people happy! Or even crack a smile! I guess I don't set out with that as a goal but I am thrilled that our blog buddies get a kick out of my posts! Thank you for your many visits Hilda! Your very kind comments make me so very happy! Edward Hopper comparison! Oh my! I so love Edward Hopper's art! I love his city works, his trains! Oh I guess all his work! Thank you Hilda!! I am hardly ever sure when I am finished with a work. Probably because I hardly ever have a definite plan! I so love your paintings Hilda! Your portraits are outstanding! As a matter of fact all your work is outstanding! Take care my friend to you too!
      Michael Hopper

  3. LOL You are too funny! I'm glad you have been busy. The "East Boston Housing Project" came out great!!! It has a lot of atmosphere. The signs of spring here are few and far between. I did notice a few green leaves on my chive plant. lol I hope it won't be covered with snow again by the middle of the week.

    1. Okay Joan! As always so very happy to hear from you! You certainly are the most prolific artist blogger I know. So I am thrilled even with your very busy schedule you make time to visit my blog and write! Thank you buddy! I am glad you get a kick out of my post! Isn't it great to have a little chuckle once in a while! I am glad you like my East Boston Housing Project! Not sure when it will be finished or if I ever really finish any of my work!
      Enjoy your green chive plant! We are getting the most bizarre snow forecasts for Massachusetts! A low of four inches near the coast to a high of a foot plus by the sea! Blizzard like conditions! A real North Easter! We will see! Again, thanks for so much Joan! Let is snow!
      Your snow and spring loving art buddy!

  4. Michael the Maestro!
    Spring already?! We didn't even have a winter! Our Passover is getting passed over for rain! And it was on the slate! Oh well... : )

    Looking good over here Michael (Maestro) I knew you were busy and a few more things on the slate to come I can see. A sign you have been at it and creating with more secret stuff under wraps.
    Keep painting...
    Your drought-stricken West Coaster

    1. Hello David! First I have to stop laughing so hard! Your are so very witty! I love how you play with words! Another talent! I am still rereading what you wrote just in case I missed any of your great word plays!
      I am so very sorry about the drought out west! The press here talks of building dams and so much more! Rationing water and crop failures. I hope things get better soon! I love all your latest paintings buddy! I need to make and or find more time to comment on them! They are all great "David J. Teter art works!
      You keep painting to buddy!
      I hope you will soon be a "Not Drought-Stricken West Coaster!:
      Take care buddy!

  5. So it's okay to leave the house now? Finally! I will go out and see what's growing in my yard. I love your Passover sign, it has just the right feeling. We'll be doing Passover in Seattle; I hear they have more signs of spring there-if not, I'll buy a lot of parsley. I think East Boston Housing Project is finished. It has great color and energetic brushwork. What more do you need? And yes, you are a maestro when it comes to the ocean--but then there you are right on top of it. Happy painting, Passover, spring Michael. Everything is coming up roses. Your blog buddy.

    1. Hell Linda! So very good to hear from you! I am not sure it will be okay to leave our houses as of yet! Latest forecast for south coast of Massachusetts is up to a foot of snow! Blizzard like conditions! A real old fashioned spring time "Nor'easter!" Thank you Linda for all your very kind words! I am so glad you like my work! I love being called "Maestro Of The Ocean!" I so love the ocean!! Enjoy Passover in Seattle! Please post photos of your gathering! I am hoping everything can come up roses through the snow!!! Take care my blog buddy!
      Your Blog Buddy too!

  6. I love your pictures, especially the one of you, how fun to have you in an art class to keep spirits high! The passover sign will draw in crowds, be prepared! Gorgeous slate painting! I love the heart shape and how you change them with the seasons/ holidays.Your enthusiasm and energy is showing already in your works in progress. Now, I can only imagine what the mystery painting is all about? ??Whatever it is ,your friends will be thrilled with it, that is no mystery!
    Your Can't wait for Michaels Mystery painting reveal Art buddy-Celia

    1. Ciao My Wonderful Watercolorist Celia!
      How are you? Great so hear from you and see your happy face appear on the screen! I am so happy that you love the photos! Isn't social media something grand! Imagine a little New England USA artist, me, having a wonderful Roma Italia artist, you, exchanging thoughts about art! How so very cool is that! I do enjoy my art classes at the MFA in Boston. I am so glad that it shows up in my blog! Thank you for so many wonderful comments on this post! I am glad you see enthusiasm in my work! That is such a fantastic thing to see in anyone's art! Thank you Celia! I am so glad you have such high expectations for my work! I was just writing to Wendy that it is so hard for me to keep a secret! I can keep a secret on serious subjects but something that is light and fun is so hard for me to keep to myself. So wish me luck on that! I want to share the joy right away! Why keep a future happy event secret anyway? Oh well I must because that is the plan!!
      So I am hoping both you and I can wait for the mystery painting to be completed before I crack and tell all!
      Abbracci my dear art friend!
      Your so easy to tell all art buddy-Michael

  7. You always make me smile and laugh out loud with your enthusiasm for life, for art, for Spring and , well, for everything that life has to offer. It is a joy to experience! The Passover sign is a sure harbinger of Spring and so are the tiny crocus peeking thru the snow! Love the action photo of you and wish I could take a class with you - I do believe your enthusiasm and happiness would rub off all all the students and teacher alike! Good luck with your secret project - I can hardly wait until it is unveiled!