Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Happy Saint Patrick's Day-Evacuation Day!"

Acrylic Paint New England Roof Slate 14" x 18"
Saint Patrick's Day is a huge holiday in many parts of the United States!  None bigger than in Boston, Massachusetts!  Bostonians not only celebrate Saint Patrick's Day but also the day, during our War For Independence, British troops evacuated Boston! Many parades, parties, dances, concerts, dinners, and so much more to celebrate both occasions! I painted this slate and hang it up as soon as March 17 comes round!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Two Works of art?  
I think so!
Both photos are of the top of one of my studio painting tables.  Wonderful how a "messy" table can turn into a "work of art"!

I have been very busy working at MFA last few weeks on quite a few "realistic" pieces.  Hope to finish them soon to post!  I have quite a few "unfinished MFA works I may post also!  Hope everyone has been well!  


  1. I loved these two pieces before reading they are your studio tables!LOL! I thought you were trying some new form of Jackson Pollock style but I can see these on a wall!
    I love to celebrate St. Patricks day, even if I live in Italy and am not Irish! Great excuse to drink beer, eat green things and be green! I hope you enjoy the fun Michael! I look forward to seeing your new works when you have a chance to share them with us!

    1. Hi Celia!
      Thank you so much for dropping by! I am always so very happy to hear from you! (Oh, I love your latest watercolor! You daughter's work is outstanding!)
      I was cleaning the tables when I noticed how nice they look. I am glad I photographed them. I am thinking of making prints from the photos and exhibit! How much fun is that!!!
      I am happy to hear you are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day! Fun is so important!
      In the North End of Boston we have a very large Italian community and the churches there often have great feasts! We always go there to during the feasts to
      celebrate the various saints lives, listen to music, dance, and of course always eat great food! Grazie my friend! Ciao!! Abbracci! Michael

  2. Happy St Patrick's - and Evacuation Day (for the 17th) Michael!!
    I love your beautiful Irish roof slate - very colourful and vibrant! It's such a great idea to adorn your house with a different themed roof slate on every special occasion. Very festive and welcoming!

    I like your two works of art. There is something appealing about blobs and smears of paint - they evoke the spirit of creativity. I look forward to seeing your finished - and unfinished pieces that you have been working on at the MFA.
    I hope you are feeling better now Michael. I'm hoping that you will post photos of your crocuses when they appear through the snow. I remember how lovely they looked last year! Very magical! Are you still getting snowy weather or is there a hint of spring in the air now?
    Your crocus loving art cobber,

    1. Okay My Australian Art Buddy! So very good to hear from you Wendy! It seems like forever since I have posted anything! I am so glad you like my slate! Monday, Saint Patrick's Day, I will be at the MFA in Boston taking my art class. All my fellow students and teachers are planning a huge Saint Patrick's Celebration at the museum! So very psyched and can't wait! Sunday with my family to celebrate with a huge meal, sing Irish songs and more! I am feeling much better Wendy! Thank you for asking. So happy to be back painting and blogging!
      Aren't those tables something! I am so happy I noticed them and photoed them! Fun! Soon photos of MFA work finished or not! As soon as I get any visual signs of spring I will photo and post! So far not much! The ground is still covered with snow! But I am always on the lookout for any green trying to break through! However the birds are singing like crazy! Especially the cardinals! That is certainly a sign of spring! When I hear them I try to mimic their song and go back and forth. So much fun!
      Thanks for writing Wendy!
      Your Snow Loving Art Buddy Who Is Ready For Spring!
      Michael O'Cobber

  3. I LOVE YOUR MESSY TABLE ART!! Too bad you can't somehow transfer it to a I really like this ..!!! Happy St.Patrick's Day, my friend! I think we're all Irish on the 17th ..right?? I look forward to your next painting!!!

    1. Hello Hilda! So great to hear from you! Thank you Hilda! I am loving your latest dog portrait! I am planning some dog portraits for my nephew and will post when finished. You set the bar high and that motivates me to do my best! So wish me luck!
      I am happy you like the "Table Painting!" So much fun! I may make prints from the photos and display!!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you too Hilda! Yes, on Saint Patrick's Day we are all Irish. I feel the same about all holidays and other cultural observations. I am such a global citizen wanna be! I also look forward to your latest work! Messy Art Rocks Michael!

  4. Hey Michael! Love your slates. It is cool to see them here since I can't see the front of your house from mine ; )
    Translate the words for us. Does it say Happy Saint Patricks Day or Evacuation Day?
    I have never even heard of Evacuation Day! Your table top pics show all your years of making art like a well used hammer, keep it up.
    Happy to hear you are back working hard at MFA.
    Go Leprechauns!
    Keep painting...

    1. Hello David! I am always thrilled to hear from you buddy! You had me laughing picturing you glancing east ward towards Massachusetts. I was imagining a caricature of you drawn on a US map stretching your neck towards the east!!! Nice to laugh! Thanks buddy!
      The words are Gaelic! Roughly translated they mean, "A Thousand Welcomes!" I think a very nice greeting when people come to my door! (Maybe I should put a small translation on the work!?!) Glad you asked David!
      Evacuation Day is a huge deal in Boston and Suffolk County! Boston takes its history seriously! As young children we all heard the story on how during the war for independence the local rebels mounted cannons on the top of Dorchester Heights in Boston Harbor on March 17 making the British fleet in dire straits! Rather than lose their fleet they evacuated Boston Harbor! Not a shot was fired but many people, especially Bostonians, feel it was the first victory of the Revolutionary War. I am sure there is more to the story but that is it in a nutshell!
      Isn't that "Table Art" something! You are right! Many, many years of making art! As a matter of fact many times I have painted over my tables in white paint! So I can only imagine what is underneath! So now I will take photos every once in awhile for posterity!
      Leprechauns rock!
      I will keep painting buddy! You also!
      Michael O'Well?

  5. Bostonians really know how to party! The New England roof slate is a charming idea and yours is absolutely wonderful and welcoming. And your paint stained table is a definite inspiration! I am thrilled to hear you are painting away at the museum and am looking forward to seeing your work. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Michael.

    1. Hello Susan my out of sight and off the chart so very talented art buddy! So very good to hear from you! I am loving your latest works! Bostonians certainly do know how to have a good time and constantly find reasons to do so! I think we are the only community in the US that celebrates "Evacuation Day!" I am glad you like my slate. Soon it will come down and hopefully spring will be here and I will put a "Spring Slate!" The table is so much fun! I am glad it inspires! Soon I will post more work, finished or not! Thanks for your interest Susan! Happy Saint Patrick's Day right back at you!
      Michael O'Art?

  6. Ciao Michael,
    how are you? I saw your works and you painted a lot and very well!
    I understood that saint Patrick's it will be a very nice day and can be remember the history of good holiday!
    Good luck also for your busy works!
    Ciao, ciao, abbracci, Floriana

    1. Ciao Floriana! Hello my friend! Fantastic to hear from you my dear Italian amica! I am very happy you like my work! Grazie!
      I am fine thank you! I hope you are well also! Thank you for wishing me a great holiday! You too! Thank you for your best wishes Floriana! I LOVE your beautiful watercolors! Take care and keep on making great art!
      Your USA art friend!
      Ciao! Abbracci!

  7. Love the slate with the thatched cottage. I loved seeing them in Ireland when we were there. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! We will be celebrating, especially since it is also my husband's birthday. Great artistic table tops! I sometimes feel that way about the paper towels when I finish painting. lol

    1. Hello Joan! So nice of you to visit and leave such a wonderful comment! Thank you buddy! Happy Birthday "Mr. Joan!" Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner! I hope you both had the best Saint Patrick's Day Birthday ever! Save your used paper towels and make a collage?
      Take care Joan!

  8. Oh, your welcoming slate is just right! It is so green and cheerful. I want one! I bet you could market those, if you had half a mind to. Maybe I like it so much because I am Irish through and through --it just speaks to me! It is always so much fun to visit your blog and learn something new about Boston. You are a wonderful "ambassador" for where you live! :)

  9. Hello My Buddy Celeste. So sorry I haven't responded sooner! Your visits and your wonderful comments always make me very happy! Thank you! I am so glad you like my Irish slate! Love the Irish! My mother's family came from Cork city! Erin Go Braugh! I am so happy you enjoy my "rants" about Boston and Massachusetts. I love Boston sooooo much! Patriots' Day is coming soon. We will be going in town for Boston Marathon! After last years bombing tragedy there is no place in the world I would rather be. Almost need to be there! Now I must get to your blog and so many others. I have been falling behind on my comments and posts!
    Take care Celeste!
    Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day To My Irish Art Buddy!
    Michael Cahill O'Art