Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Sweet Caroline" "Pizza Regina" "Portuguese Fishing Boat"

"So Good!  So Good!"

The human spirit is a thing to behold.  A few weeks ago I was so very sad about Boston Marathon tragedy!  Almost feeling guilty if  I were to be happy ever again.    (Same feelings as 9-11, Sandy Hook, and other horrific events!)
So off to Boston to see Red Sox play and win against Houston Astros!  Have a Fenway frank!  And best of all lead the faithful fans in singing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline!"

"Me leading the crowd last week at Boston's Fenway Park singing "Sweet Caroline!"

"Pizza Regina"
Acrylic Canvas 30" x 24"

Finally "finished" this work of the most wonderful pizza place on the planet!
I am still working on two more paintings of the same scene.  Not sure why but I decided to stop this one and declare to the world that it is "finished?"  Well, maybe finished? 

"Portuguese Fishing Boat"
Acrylic Canvas 18" x 24"

I had to make sure I stopped this one!  I kept adding ocean and more ocean!    Just love painting waves! 


  1. And you're good at it Michael. The pizza painting is wonderful. You divided the space as expertly as I know you led Sweet Caroline.

    1. Thank you Linda! I am happy you like my pizza painting! Hard for me to "know" when to stop!
      Singing was so much fun. Glad you got a kick out of the photo. The video needs to be edited and might be posted at a later date!
      Again, thank you Linda!

  2. You are proof that the human spirit is inimitable. So glad you have regained your happiness - you are beaming in the photo at Fenway Park and it makes me happy to see you thus! I LOVE Portuguese Fishing Boat and those roiling waves. Your spirit breaks free in this painting, Michael!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Susan for those wonderful words! Life at times can be so very sad. Then to become happy is almost odd. Being happy is so good! So good!
      I am happy you like my work. I love, love to paint the ocean at its wildest stages! I like thinking my spirit is present in my work! Thank you so much Susan! I love your art my friend!
      Art on and Art Strong!

  3. G'day Michael!
    I'm so pleased to hear that you are feeling happier since the tragic day. I hope Boston is beginning to heal now. It looks like you had a fantastic time at the game and enjoyed the singing. I love the pizza painting - great job! It seems only fitting that the most wonderful pizza on the planet is located on what looks like a very characterful Boston street! I also love your fishing boat painting - as usual you have created a very original and stunning ocean scene.
    Great blog post Michael!
    Your Australian art cobber,

    1. G'day Wendy!
      Ii is so very nice of you to think of me being happy! Thank you mate!
      Boston is certainly beginning to heal. Still very strange to be in the city! There are so many tragedies in the world and it is so very important to carry on! You and our many other art blog buddies are a huge help in this healing process! Thank you! Your pizza comments made me smile. I am happy you like my work! Thanks Wendy! I will be checking your wonderful work! So keep painting and posting.
      Your USA art cobber, (Almost wrote "cobbler!")

    2. Michael, that would have been an amusing Freudian slip - what with your ocean theme and all!

  4. What a wonderful painting Michael!!! You should sell it to the Pizza place!!! They'll love it! and of course LOVE your just made me smile!!!

    1. Hello Hilda!
      I so much love that you like my work! Thank you so much!
      You are so nice to suggest the Regina's would love my painting! Thank you!!
      Imagine my photo of me smiling makes you smile! How so very wonderful is that! Now I am smiling again!
      Paint on my art friend!
      Michael Pizza!

  5. The paintings are fantastic!

    I had no idea that Sweet Caroline was a tradition at Red Sox Games! I love the picture of you. And, of course, the quote from What About Bob comes to mind, "there are two types of people in this world, those who love Neil Diamond and those who don't."

    So glad you are painting. I know the sorrow will never leave you but maybe, in time, you will learn to carry it differently.

    great post!

    1. Kim!
      A "Fantastic!" comment is "Fantastic!" I am so very happy you like my work!
      I am glad you enjoyed my little photo. I couldn't stop laughing while singing!
      Not sure the origin of singing "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway. Maybe late nineties? Neil Diamond wrote in 1969 for Caroline Kennedy!
      I think it caught on because it is a fun sing a long!
      Love that quote! Smiles!
      Thanks for your well wishes. I love the concept of 'learning to carry it differently!" Nice!
      Keep making great art Kim!

  6. Hi Michael, your paintings have wonderful textures and colors! The Regina Pizza painting is very inviting and I love the red sign.Your fishing boat painting has wonderful movement-great work! Congratulations on the Red Sox win!!

    1. Hello Celia!
      Your wonderful comments made me so happy!
      I am glad you noticed my colors and textures! I love, love to create art that screams with texture! Color is vital! Also movement! When I am painting any ocean scenes movement is constantly on my mind!
      Your kind words made me smile!

  7. Great post...both paintings are zesty! Good to see the smile back on your face. Neil Diamond is wonderful (though I read somewhere that he wrote that song about Caroline Kennedy..and that's sorta weird! lol!) Two great paintings. Keep them coming!

  8. Hello Celeste!
    I love, love, "Zesty!" to describe my paintings! Thank you! I am thinking the red in both works are in fact "Wicked Zesty!" Thank you!
    Thank you for noticing me smiling! So much fun!
    He did write it for Caroline Kennedy! I am not sure how the story goes. I think Neil Diamond was a huge supporter of the Kennedy family! I don't think anyone knows for sure how the song became popular at Fenway Park!
    I am so happy you like my work!

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Michael. I love the composition of your Pizza Regina painting and the fishing boat has suggests so much movement ! Bravo!

    1. Hello Helen!
      I love your blog and your art!
      I am so happy you like my two paintings.
      Your visit and your wonderful comments made my day!
      Again, thank you!
      Keep painting!

  10. Nice painting of the fishing boat.
    It's very reminiscent of Homer, the boat buried in the trough of a wave, but with your own flavor.
    Much of my hometown here in San Pedro was settled by the Portuguese.
    We also have pizza here!
    Sweet Caroline!

    Keep painting...

    1. Bom dia amigo!
      Ola David!
      Muito obrigado!
      As always David it is wonderful to hear from you! Of course, Homer is one of my favorites. Thank you for that fantastic compliment!
      Now I will have to read up on San Pedro! Many Portuguese have also settled here in South Coast of Massachusetts. I have a huge interest in Portugal! Many of my former students
      were Portuguese! Once I was so very fortunate to take some students to the Azores, Portugal on a field trip!
      Next time you are enjoying a pizza in San Pedro think of me!
      Thank you David!
      Michael aka Miguel