Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Three Oceans And A Tree!"

Life certainly can be odd!  Watching a movie this week about Vincent Van Gogh was a huge motivation for me to get back to painting.  Especially painting my favorite subject, the ocean! Also painting in the style I love... wild, fast, and furious.  Letting the painting direct itself.
These three acrylic paintings are all the same size, 14" x 20" canvas.
(Not sure why I decided to paint the tree branch painting but I am glad I did!)
Your comments are welcomed and so very much appreciated!
Boston Strong Michael
" Ocean # 1"

"Ocean # 2"

"Ocean #3"
"Tree Branch"


  1. Wow Michael, you have certainly got back into your paintings with great enthusiasm and passion! Your ocean paintings all have so much energy and each one beautifully captures a different aspect of the ocean. They are so wonderfully alive and vibrant! I also love the tree trunk which was a lovely tranquil follow-up to the wildness of the ocean paintings. So nice to see you are back into the creative groove.
    Happy painting,
    Your Australian art cobber Wendy

  2. Thanks Wendy!
    Always happy to hear from you!
    It is good to be painting.
    Thank you so much for so much mate!
    Art on!
    USA Cobber Michael

  3. I completely agree with Wendy - your energy and enthusiasm has come bounding back and it is wonderful to see! I love hearing how Van Gogh inspired you - he has been an ongoing inspiration to me as well. I always love your ocean paintings - these are a cross between an impressionist pallet and Turner brushwork - fabulous!

    1. Good morning Susan!
      Thank you for your very supportive and much appreciated comments!
      Especially happy that you also get inspiration from my buddy Vincent!
      Thrilled with the comparison to Turner! Way back in 1968, when I was an ever so young undergraduate, an art professor compared my work to Turner's! So exciting, after all these many years, to have you do the same. So very awesome. As we say in Boston, "Wicked Awesome!"
      Art on Susan!

  4. Gogh!, Gogh! Gogh!.... Gogh!

    My favorite is the third down ocean. (maybe name them different?)
    Anyway, love the palette, especially that smoldering orange sky. That was something Homer did so well too. And you are in Homer territory!

    Keep painting...
    west coast ocean fan...

    1. Hello David!
      Great to hear from you! I am so happy you like my work and even have a favorite!
      I took your advice and edited the post to give each ocean painting a number!
      Great comments today! Van Gogh, Turner and Homer! Three of my favorites! When I go to the MFA I always visit their work! Thank you for the comparison buddy!
      Hope all is well with you!
      Take care David!
      West Coast Ocean Rocks as does its fan, you!

  5. Hello friend. Here I am, after some time clueless. I am working for an exhibition in San Sebastian. I have spent some time in hospital. (nothing serious). I like when you paint the ocean. You transmit enthusiasm. Like Van Gogh. I send you a message of solidarity with the victims of Boston.
    Your friend in Spain

  6. Hola amgo!
    Gracias Ricardo!
    I am sorry you weren't well. I am glad you are home from the hospital and you are better!
    I am so happy you like my oceans! To be compared to Van Gogh! Wow!
    Thank you for your support of Boston and its victims. I really appreciate it!
    Solidarity is so very important. The city is healing. Still sad.
    We have a new expression, "Boston Strong!"
    I love your art Ricardo!
    Thank you my friend!
    Your US art buddy!

  7. These 4 paintings are SO incredible Michael!!! I absolutely LOVE
    Ocean #3...the waves are amazing and so realistic...WONDERFUL work!!!

  8. Good morning Hilda!
    Thank you so much for your very supportive comments!
    I am so very happy you like my work. Thanks for taking the time to write!
    You are so nice!
    I love your work!!

  9. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself doing these. I really like Ocean #2--the greens are other-worldly.

  10. Thank you Stephanie! I am glad you noticed the enjoyment I experienced painting these three pieces! I am happy you like them. Thank you so much for your "other-worldly" description of #2! Love that!
    Paint on my friend!