Monday, May 13, 2013

"Calm Sea?" Acrylic Canvas 18" x 24"

"Calm Sea?"
Acrylic Canvas 18" x 24"

A poet friend and I were discussing emotions, poetry, and painting.
My vague idea for this work was to paint  a calm sea.
This work is unfinished.  

It is still taking me where it wants to go. 
 It is almost like a gentle argument with myself.
So gentle.  More like a discussion.
 Calm is good.  As is wild. 
Let's see what happens.  I am happy with it so far.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Celeste! I am so happy you like my work!
      "Unique!" That certainly has a wonderful ring to it! Thank you.
      I love your latest work. One of your best of bests!
      Take care my art friend!

  2. Isn't it interesting how painting is a conversation between artist and the canvas--or him/herself? --and after just a few opening remarks, the canvas takes on a life of its own and starts dictating what is next. This sea has a fantasy quality to it. What will you say next? We do change from day to day.

  3. Hello Linda!
    You are right on! Painting is so a conversation going on and on! Sometimes it is even joyful! At times, when I am in the "zone" I am aware of nothing else but the process of painting. Sometimes so effortless and other times work! You are correct about changing from day to day. Even minute to minute. I very much enjoy our blog "conversations!" Thanks so much for so much Linda!
    "Paint your palette blue and grey!"

  4. Shirley!
    Your comment is outstanding! Thank you so very, very much!
    I was so much enjoying making the colors as the painting began to emerge from the canvas!
    I am even thinking of stopping! Hard to know when to stop when I am never really quite sure where I am going!
    Thank you for visiting and spending the time to write.
    Take care.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish this painting, Michael!
    I love it so those splashes of color!!

  6. Hello Hilda!
    So very nice to hear from you!
    Thank you for loving it so far! I am glad you like the splashes of color! Putting on the color was so much fun! I am not sure what to do next so I am going to give the painting and myself some time to breathe!
    Take care my art friend.

  7. G'day Michael!
    I love how "Calm" and "Wild" are in discussions!
    It is glorious and vibrant as it is - or if you take it further I'm sure it will look equally wonderful - I look forward to seeing the outcome. You really do have a great distinctive style with your ocean paintings - they would all look fantastic together in an ocean themed exhibition.
    Happy painting!

  8. G'Day Wendy!
    I am so glad you enjoyed my little discussion! Most of the time there is no discussion. This particular work I wanted to see if it were possible for me to be calm? Whatever meaning calm means?
    I so very much appreciate your wonderful and supportive comments. Art blogging has provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with other artists. I enjoy the experience so much! Again, thank you for being part of our international, amazing art blog buddies!
    I love, love the ocean. When I paint the sea I am totally involved with the process!
    Some very good buddies and I visited the ocean yesterday. A very historic town, Plymouth, Massachusetts! Good friends, hot tea, and the sea. Can't ask for much more than that!
    There is some talk of me doing a one person show."North Atlantic and Boston Paintings!" Thank you for thinking it would be a good idea. Now, I am even more motivated to get the "work" part of the show going!
    Now, you have to get back to your painting!
    Michael Cobber (What a nice Australian name!)