Monday, May 27, 2013

"Memorial Day USA"

Memorial Day in the USA is a very solemn and sacred holiday. 
Small towns and big cities all over the US have parades and other events to honor our Veterans both living and deceased!
Thank a veteran!
This Memorial Day I went to our little town's annual Memorial Day Parade.
I also had the honor to take my artist friend and World War ll veteran, Allen, out for breakfast for his 90th birthday.
Make sure you check out Allen's fine watercolor at the end of this post!
Thank you Allen and Happy Birthday Buddy!

"Old Glory" and "MIA" flag flying high and proud!

Probably couldn't get any better feel for the way small town America celebrates Memorial Day than this photo of almost the entire small but powerful parade proudly marching down Main Street!

Our local Boy Scout Troop!
"Old New England Farm House"
Artist and World War ll Veteran Allen B.


  1. wonderful post, Michael. I'm glad you showcased your friend's watercolor too...! Lovely work!

    1. Thank you Celeste! I am so proud of my buddy Allen!
      He will appreciate your compliment!
      Take care.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Glad to see that you had a nice Memorial Day and could add to the meaning of the day with your friend's 90th birthday!! I love his painting - such beautiful colours!
    It was nice to see the pictures of the parade in your town. It looks like a very pretty place!

  3. COBBER!
    Hi Wendy!
    Thank you for writing such very kind words!
    It was a very nice day. Especially Allen's birthday! His celebration went on for a week! He will be very happy to read your comments!
    Thank you! My town is a very pretty place. I am very fortunate to live in the countryside, close to the sea, and not far from Boston!
    Take care mate! (Get well soon!)

  4. There is always something touching about the small town parades and ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day...a nice way to honor those who risked so much. Your friend, Allen's painting is super! You are lucky to have him to share time with.

    1. Good morning Joan!
      Always great to hear from you! Your words are so true! We should honor all Veterans! Allen will be so happy with your compliment! I am so very fortunate to call him my friend. I am hoping he gets his blog up and running!
      Again, thank you!

  5. A beautiful painting by your buddy Allen.!! Wonderful photos, Michael, and happy you shared them with us.!!!

  6. Thank you Hilda!
    Allen will be very happy when he reads your wonderful comments!
    Thank you for stopping by and writing!