Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Different But The Same" Oil Canvas 24" x 36"

"Another Calm Sea?"

I am never quite sure how to title my work?  Or even if I should?

I am happy with this piece.


  1. G'day Michael,
    You've really captured the glassy qualities of a calm sea! I like your titles, I think they add to the artwork.
    You will have to find other reasons to visit Boston regularly now! Maybe rather than go for painting classes, you could go for "inspiration days" simply to soak up all the character and beauty of the city.
    Happy Painting!!

    1. G'day Wendy!
      Thank you! I am glad you like my work and my titles. After reading what you and David wrote I will continue to title my work.
      I love your "inspirational days" idea! I didn't realize it but just last week I had an inspirational visit back to East Boston. Italian pizza and sandwiches with a dear friend! Also visited the harbor where I swam as a child. I was in fact inspired to paint an East Boston Pub owned by another childhood friend! I may post photos.
      Thanks for all your support Wendy and great ideas!
      (I am still waiting for more art work from you!)
      USA Cobber Michael

  2. Love your work, love your wife, love your kids.
    Your kids have names, your wife has a name......... title your work.

    Nice title for this. It fits, The combination of horizontals and verticals and no real angles communicates calm. The colors too are soothing like the colors of the end of a day.

    Done. Do another.

    Keep painting...

    Your Pacific sea painter

    1. Okay David! Great analogy! You and Wendy have convinced me of the importance of titling my work! Thanks buddy!
      I am so glad you like my work. I tend to do so many seascapes. Maybe this "calm" period is a good thing!
      Now that I look at this one the colors are soothing. The lines also. Thanks for pointing that out!
      You are a rocking Pacific Sea painter!
      Take care.
      Atlantic Ocean Michael

  3. You should be happy with this painting, Michael!!..Beautiful work!!
    I love the reflections in the water...

    1. Thank you Hilda!
      I am always very happy to see your name on the comment form!
      I am so glad you like my work.
      Your very kind comments made my day!

  4. I agree Michael I'd be happy with it too!...just the right amount of happinstance and control. Gorgeous harmonious palette!

    1. Hello Sally!
      Thank you for your wonderful comments. So very nice to hear from you!
      Love all your very kind and supportive words!
      Thanks again Sally!