Monday, June 3, 2013

"East Boston Inspired"

 Last week I took a trip to my old East Boston neighborhood to deliver a church painting to my buddy's mother. She loved it!
While there I was inspired to do some paintings.
(Thank you to fellow art blogger and artist Wendy's Paintings and other Creations from Australia for the idea!)
All works below are certainly not finished.  
All acrylic on 12" x 14" canvas.
Fun to see them in progress.

"Eddie C's 2000"
"Back In The Day"

From photo taken in 2000 of my good friend Eddie's Bar at Maverick Square in East Boston.

"Eddie C's 2013" 
Part plein-air and part photo painting from last week's visit to East Boston.
When the two "Eddie C's" barroom paintings are finished I plan on giving them to my friend Eddie!
"East Boston Wharf"
From and old black and white newspaper photo.
When we were teenagers we used to love to swim in Boston Harbor. Boston Skyline in background.
Plan on finishing all paintings soon.  Let's see what happens!


  1. Michael, I like them the way they are. They are not nailed down and immovable. If you go further, go softly for they breathe.

    1. Hello Linda!
      Thank you very much for your very kind words! I think I will follow your advice and tread softly!
      That is usually the opposite of what I do! But I am liking this almost watercolor effect!
      Take care!

  2. They look great. I like how the color palette flows in each painting and also among the series. The wharf is my favorite.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Katherine and writing such wonderful words! Made my day!
      I also am partial to the wharf. Many great childhood memories!
      I am eager to finish!
      Thanks again my art friend!

  3. It is fun to see the changes in the way the bar looks from back in the day to now. That looks like a fun place to do some swimming. Hope you post these when they're finished. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Hello My Traveling Watercolorist!
      Thanks for writing. The bar is so very different now! Almost upscale! I like the new look but I loved the old school neighborhood bar that it once was!
      The wharf, we called it the old wharf, was a great place to swim! My brothers and my friends used to swim across the harbor to downtown Boston! They never let me join them! Whew! Now I am glad!

  4. Hi Michael,
    It was very kind of you to give me credit but you were already coming up with beautiful Boston inspired paintings and photos! I love all three of your paintings and will enjoy seeing the finished pieces. I bet Eddie will be thrilled with them. I love the Boston Harbour painting, it is great to record special memories by painting them - it adds extra layers of richness to the work. I imagine you had great fun swimming there as a teenager.
    Today I was showing my daughter the photo you posted of the statue "Appeal to the Great Spirit" She also loves it and said that she'd seen it before somewhere. It is now on my "Must See" list.

    Your art Cobb(l)er!

    1. G'Day Mate!
      Give credit were credit is due my Australian Art Buddy! That day I thought of one of your blog comments and I decided to paint the bar! Thanks Cobber!
      I am so happy that you like my work! Makes me smile!
      I hope Eddie likes the paintings. He is one of my best old buddies. We played high school football together and did so many teenage adventurous things. He was a wild and crazy and wonderful teenager!
      Swimming in Boston Harbor was fantastic. The wharf was right across the street from my home. I painted the skyline so many, many times! Loved living there!
      I am glad your daughter loves the Appeal To The Great Spirit. It is one of my favorite works by the artist! I hope you get to see it someday! Boston is the one of the best cities. I almost wrote the best! A little too biased!
      Take care Wendy!

  5. I like that skyline! And I look forward to seeing these in final form.

  6. Hello Shirley!
    I also love that skyline! I am so glad you noticed it! My big fear is I am going to lose it as the painting evolves. Wish me luck!
    Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing from you! Love your work!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, East Boston Wharf, Michael!!! I love the misty atmosphere by the buildings...great job on all three!!

  8. Hello Hilda!
    You are one of the best!
    Thank you for loving my work. So very nice of you to write such very nice comments!
    Thank you again my very talented and creative art friend!
    Love your lighthouse!

  9. I could have sworn that I already commented on this post...what I said was that the wharf is my favorite! All great paintings!

  10. Yes you did comment Celeste! I wrote back also! What happened? I don't have a clue!
    Thank you for writing again! Mmmmm? I am sorry. I very much appreciate your visits and your always very positive and supportive comments.
    Sorry Celeste!

  11. I love to paint Boston, and don't do it nearly enough. The wharf and the skyline is beautiful.