Friday, October 25, 2013

"Fear The Beard!" Go Red Sox! Acrylic Canvas 12" x 16"

Go Boston Red Sox!
David Teter, great artist, and fellow blogger, requested a"Jack O'Lantern!"painting!
The Boston Red Sox are in USA's Baseball World Series!
All the Boston players are sporting beards this season!  The fans invented "Fear The Beard" to cheer them on!
Happy Halloween!
(My Favorite Holiday!)


  1. Hi Michael,
    Very cool! I knew you would come through. Indeed, "Fear the Beard" : )> and go Red Sox! He looks like he would scare the pants off the St. Lose Cardinals. (Go St. Lose Cardinals!... go home that is!)

    -( : )>

    Will we ever get a Boston vs LA championship game?
    Hockey, almost.
    Baseball, almost.
    We have no football team.
    Basketball, if so, back to the classic matchup!
    Maybe we'll get a Boston vs LA tiddlywinks matchup!

    Happy Halloween,
    Keep O' Painting...

    1. Okay David!
      I am glad you got a kick out of this one!
      I have fond memories of the Lakers / Celtics basketball rivalries back in the day!
      Maybe next year! Also, back in the day, I loved the Los Angeles Rams!
      Take care David and enjoy the holiday!
      Brrrrrrrr in Massachusetts today!

  2. too funny! You make me want to root for them even though my Detroit Tigers lost :)

    1. Kim!
      You are the best! I am so happy this little piece gave you a laugh!
      I am sorry your Detroit Tigers lost! I am the type of guy who feels great as soon as my team wins and simultaneously feels bad for the opposition! I guess when it is all said and done, in the big picture, we all win! Especially if after getting knocked to the ground get back up! And doing our best!
      Have the best Halloween Kim! I love your wonderful art!

  3. Love the pumpkin with the beard and the Sox hat! Reminds me of the pumpkins I've been seeing around here in Maine. (Some photos on my blog.) Now that the Yanks are out of it I'm rooting for the Sox...but haven't listened to any scores since I left home. lol

    1. Good morning Joan!
      Must love Maine! And pumpkins! I will check out your blog photos!! Sorry about the Yankees! They will be back! I am glad you like my painting. Nice to have a few laughs! Enjoy Maine!

  4. Yay Red Sox! I'm glad our Tigers could do that for you. It has been a long time. Good luck in the series. Bring it home. Nice jack-o-lantern painting. Love the composition. Clever mixing all that hair with the grasses and repeating the white of the cap with the moon. Good perspective. Not child's work.

  5. hahaaha! what a great painting....makes me smile. I think someone one hundred years from now could come across this and say....."whaaaaa????" They will think the artist was reallllly "out there"!

  6. Fantastic job on the painting, I hope you have it with you as you cheer on your team! It will definitely bring good luck to them, although I don't think they need it. Happy Halloween! ;-)

  7. I really love the painting Michael!! So lively and colourful and with great sentiments behind it. A very clever conception.I also love the way you photographed it with the props behind it - pumpkin, mums and autumn leaves, such a crisp atmosphere for me to enjoy as we head into our hot weather. I hope you enjoy Halloween. It's not such a big deal for us over here as it's only in the last decade or so that people are starting to observe it. I'd love to see Halloween celebrated in America one year - I imagine it is a sight to behold! I hope your team wins and that you don't feel too sad for the losers! Aren't you kind to care!
    Your Aussie art buddy!

  8. This is too cool, Michael!!! You really did a wonderful job on him.... and I LOVE the title. I have to be honest with you...I don't know anything about sports but OKAY I'll root for them for "you" !! Enjoy your weekend, my friend....

  9. Michael!
    Let's go! Get out a post!
    You gotta figure we all are waiting to congrat you Red Sox!