Friday, March 8, 2013

"Snow Painting" (Literally!)

During the height of our most recent snow storm I decided to do a little plein-air painting!
I went outside and literally painted a "snow scene!"

"Snow Painting"
  The red looked so beautiful covering just a bit of the pure white"canvas!"   
So much fun!
(Immediately cleaned paint off snow!  Start anew tomorrow when storm ends!)

During the storm I painted this ocean scene, indoors!
(Acrylic Canvas 24"" x 30")

Our home during the height of storm!
Another two feet of white delight!


  1. I am just delighted with your snow are too funny! Great movement in that wave. We are facing the Atlantic here in Myrtle Beach but it has been super calm (the water not the wind) all week, so painting the water was't too exciting, although I did a few tiny sketches at sunrise that I'll post next week. Today is our free day to go out plein air painting down here before our drive home. I can't believe how much snow you had again. My husband said we only got about an inch of it at home.

    1. ThaNK you Joan! I am glad you got a kick out of my little snow scene! I was in the snow giggling while painting! So much fun! I may do it again!
      I am happy you are enjoying your stay at Myrtle Beach! I am looking forward to your ocean posts! I love your blog and your beautiful watercolors!
      Paint on and on and on!

  2. G'day Cobber!
    Michael I just love your ocean paintings - so lively and wild!
    I also love your literal snow painting - it's a wonder it isn't done more often as it makes the perfect canvas. I also love seeing the snow-scapes of where you live. Your blog is as entertaining as ever!

  3. P.S. I just realised that you could mistake the last image for a black and white photo - until you see the little splash of blue. Such an amazing scene for my unaccustomed-to-snow eyes.

  4. G'day Cobber Mate!
    Hi Wendy! I am so glad you enjoy my blog and my ocean paintings! I love, love to paint the ocean at its wildest!
    I agree about the snow painting! Maybe I will start a trend! I love the snow. Not many do!
    I took another look at my last photo and you are right. With so much snow there wasn't much color going on! That is why a red cardinal is so very beautiful agains the white snow!
    Keep painting friend!
    Thanks Wendy!
    So much fun!
    Your USA Cobber,

  5. Oh là là !!! Quelle quantité de neige et quel courage d'aller peindre dans la neige !
    Je reconnais que les paysages de neiges sont beaux mais ce n'est pas trop ma tasse de thé !
    Merci pour les photos...
    Une belle harmonie de couleurs dans votre océan... Jolie peinture.
    Gros bisous

  6. Bonjour Mon Ami Martine!
    Merci beaucoup!
    Thank you very much! I am happy you like my art. I am also happy you enjoy the photos of the snow!
    The snow is cold, wet, and wild at times! It very much changes the landscape!
    Thank you for the very kind words about my ocean painting! I love the ocean so very much!
    Ciao and Merci!
    Bisous aussi!