Monday, February 18, 2013

"Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it stop!"

Two big snowstorms on south coast of Massachusetts, USA, this week!  First storm two to three feet of snow!  Higher drifts!  No electricity or heat  for days.  No internet or phone!

Just starting to snow.  Looking out our front door at our road!
The wind was blowing the flag with hurricane force!
Slowed down just enough for me to take photo of our little light and front yard!

Portuguese Bread warmed in our hot and toasty fireplace!

Nice source of heat and beautiful atmosphere inside!   Storm raging outside!
View of front of our house at night just as we got electricity later in the week!
Happy Valentine's Day!  Sorry a bit late!

Male cardinal  returned after the wind and storm let down!

Female cardinal is so beautiful and hungry!

 This Chickadee gives a big shout out to our fellow great art blogger from Australia, Wendy!
Have to love blue jays!

 "Winter Wonderland"
I did do some painting!  This started out as a "realistic" snow scene of the road in front of my house.  Of course I had to change it a bit!  Add colors and shapes that certainly weren't there!
(Acrylic Canvas 10" x 18")
"Heat Rocks!"
(10" x 14")
I did this little watercolor still life from our roaring fireplace while the storm was roaring outside!
Take care everyone!
Art on!
Great to be back!


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  2. Hi Joan!
    Great to hear from you!
    Fireplace was the best! Very fortunate!
    Painting in the cold was certainly "Very Old School!"
    Michael Brrrrr!

  3. Hi Michael,
    I SO loved seeing all your great photos! Such an insight into what winter is like in your neck of the woods. The snow looks extremely picturesque to me, but I'll bet you're less enamoured with it when you have to live through huge snow storms and still go about your everyday life.
    The fire looks very cosy and a godsend when the power goes out. Your painting of the fire is fantastic - you've captured it beautifully.
    How lovely to have such pretty birds visiting you. I hadn't seen the female cardinal before and wondered what she would look like. She looks too sweet for words in your photo - it would make for a beautiful painting some day. The Blue Jay is also a lovely thing.
    You have inspired me now to take some photos of our local birds to post. Maybe I will see what I already have in my files.
    I love your "Winter Wonderland" painting too! What sort of trees do you have growing around you? Are they the original natives of the area or are they introduced species?
    I hope your'e keeping warm.

    1. Hello My Australian Art Buddy Wendy!
      I am so happy you enjoyed the snow photos and the photos of some of our winter New England bird feeder visitors! Especially your Chickadee friend!
      I would so much love to see photos of birds from your "neck of the woods!" Any other photos about Australia would be very much appreciated.
      I am glad you liked my two paintings.
      I love the snow! Most of my friends don't! I think art loving people would have to love the snow! Driving and getting about is a challenge and of course losing power is not always joyful!
      Children love the snow. So much fun for them! Me too! Students get "snow days" if the storm is serious. Means no school for them and a day of fun playing in the snow!
      Most of the trees in my area are pine, white oak, swamp maple, elm and now I guess I have to find out the rest!
      Thanks again Wendy!
      Paint on!
      Your USA art friend!

  4. Je vous plains pour cette tempête de neige... Moi qui est horreur de la neige, j'imagine la scène... Heureusement que vous aviez bien chaud à l'intérieur de votre maison.
    Deux belles oeuvres sont nées toutefois !
    Gros bisous et merci pour le partage de ces merveilleuses photos.

    1. Bonjour Martine!
      Merci beaucoup!
      Thank you very much for visiting and writing such wonderful and kind words!
      We were very fortunate with this storm. No serious problems! Thank goodness! Thank you for your concern!
      This storm was very beautiful! I love the swirling snow as it falls to the ground covering everything with white magic! You are right! If there was no snow this week there wouldn't have been those two paintings! Thank you so much for pointing that out! Optimism is so very important!
      Hugs and kisses to you also!
      Votre ami USA!
      Michel (Michael)

  5. the snow is beautiful...but losing your electricity is so inconvenient! You really have a great attitude about it. I am glad you are back and you are comfortable. The weather has been so unpredictable! Beautiful paintings. Cozy!

    1. Hi Celeste!
      You are so right! The snow is so very beautiful! The changing seasons is one of the main reasons I love living in New England!
      Losing power certainly is a challenge! We were very lucky that it wasn't more serious! It was almost fun living with the very basics! You are right about having the right attitude!
      Thank you for all your kind words!
      Your now warm art friend!

  6. Snow IS beautiful as long as you're indoors with a full freezer, a fire on the hearth,one in the furnace, a light on in the bathroom and there's a glow on the screen of your laptop. A quick dash out to snap the storm is invigorating--pulling on your muck-lucks to get there, not so much fun. I'm glad to see that light on your porch and to see your post here. Roughing it is exciting for a minute, but elcome back to civilization. Nice photographs and watercolors to mark a not so pleasant couple of days.

    1. Hello My Dear Art Friend Linda!
      I think most art loving people love the snow! Like everything too much of a good thing is not always so good!
      Thank you for visiting my blog so often. Reading your comments make me very happy! (Often bring a much needed smile! Thank you!)
      I am loving your blog! Your portraits rock!

  7. I was wondering where you had been! brrrrr. I will not complain about the mild winter weather we are having any longer. You inspire me to paint! The heart in the snow is perfect.

    1. Kim!
      Thank you for visiting and writing!
      It is nice to be missed! Thank you!
      I am glad you liked the "snow heart!" Your recent blog entries were a motivation!
      I am flattered that I inspire you to pain! Thank you! I love your art! It is unique and so very creative! Beautiful and so very, very interesting!
      Now I am eager to see your latest work!
      Rock on! Art On!

  8. Hi Michael,
    I have to commend you on remaining upbeat and optimistic amid electricity losses and no heat! BBbrrrrr!!! I think you are having more snow on the east coast US this year than we are up here in the great white north! I love your painting of the fireplace, and the winter wonderland. Glad to have you back online:)

  9. Hello My Canadian Art Buddy Sally!
    I love the "Great White North!" Weather is amazing and so very interesting! We were on course for a record low snow this season and now we are on track for a record February!
    I am happy you like my paintings! I love your "abstract" work you have been posting lately!
    Art on my neighbor to the North!

  10. These photos are SO beautiful Michael..HOWEVER, I don't like not having electricity so I hope all is back to norm! This weather is so bad lately...what's happening? Your painting is beautiful and thank God the "real" fireplace did its job keeping you warm!!! ..hilda

    1. Hello My Art Buddy Hilda!
      Thank you very much for stopping by and writing to me!
      All is back to normal! Thank you! We were very fortunate with this storm.
      I am glad you liked my painting. The "real" fireplace was a godsend! Worked out very well!
      Stary warm. Keep on making great works of art!
      Your "Looking Forward To Spring" buddy,

  11. Michael,
    You've done a couple great paintings there with the "Winter Wonderland" and "Heat Rocks".
    All you added to the snow scene made it better, the paint spatters giving it a frenetic energy like an approaching snow storm. It's both tranquil and a little bit foreboding. Nice work!
    The fire too has the same liveliness.

    Sorry about no heat or electricity but it sounds like you made the best of it and with the bird watching.... fire good.
    It's cold here too... it got below 50 degrees! brrrrrrr,
    Keep painting...
    Your freezing So Cal Art Buddy

  12. Hello David!
    So good to hear from you!
    Thank you for your very positive and kind comments!
    All in all, all went well during the storm. (A few "alls" there?)
    Sorry about your fifty degree cold! We hope to see fifty degrees in April!
    Take care buddy and thanks!
    East Coast Miguel

  13. oh my gosh! i cant believe you can paint! you were my sixth grade teacher and i've been thinking about the impact you've had on my life. Its good to know your still around and doing something you enjoy.
    - Tabitha Finch

  14. Tabitha!
    I am so very happy to hear from you! You were one of the best! ( I also remember your sister.) Do you remember being in class with a broken arm? You worked so hard! You were so very kind and a good student!
    I loved being a teacher with all you wonderful Fall River students! Fantastic memories! Thank you so, so, much for writing. Please give my best to all the other students. Have a fantastic life!
    Proud and happy to be your former teacher!