Friday, January 25, 2013

"Hysteria Poinsettia" and "Flowers For Buddha" and Happy Australia Day To Everyone!

More MFA homework!
A very rough, quick study of a pink pointsettia plant and blue box!  Finish later today?
(Acrylic on 10" x 14" canvas board"

Below photo of my little Backyard Buddha!
I have allergies to most flowers so can't keep them in house too long.  Thought my little Buddha Buddy could use a bit of sunshine.  Might make a good painting someday?


  1. Hi Michael,

    I'm very impressed that you knew it was Australia Day today!! Thank you!

    I love your hysteria pointsettia! Was it you or the pointsettia that was hysterical? I look forward to seeing the finished version.
    I have been looking at some of your older posts and have found them very entertaining. I love the birds painted on the tiles that you mentioned. Very pretty and welcoming!

    Happy Australia Day painting!!

  2. Hello Wendy!
    Thank you. I am happy you liked the painting so far!
    Both painter and painting hysterical! (Only word at the time of the post I could think of that would almost rhyme with "poinsettia" was "hysteria!"
    I am glad you liked the "bird" welcome slates!
    Australia Day happened to be on my wall calendar! Next week I have to give a shout out to Mexico and New Zealand for their national holidays!
    Take care my Australian art buddy! Thanks!

  3. Hi Michael, I read your post and thought...oh ya it's Australia day!(we used to live there) I love your pink pointsetta sketch.

    1. Hello Sally!
      Thank you for dropping by!
      I bet living in Australia was great! It truly is a small big world!
      I am glad you liked my little poinsettia!
      I just checked out your blog and I love your work! Especially your landscapes!
      I will check out your work again!
      Thanks for visiting and writing!

  4. Buddha must be pleased with the flowers amid the bits of snow.

    The start of the hysteria poinsettia is off to a good start.

    Hope it warms up a bit soon. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Hi Joan!
      I love my Buddha statue! I hope he is happy. Looks pretty content!
      Glad you liked my poinsettia!
      Warm is the word. More sunlight and longer days! Spring is on its way!

  5. uh...Michael.....I feel compelled to point out that hysteria and poinsetta do not rhyme! but it is a cool painting, nonetheless! Your Buddha looks especially pretty in snow with flowers.:)

    1. Hello Celeste!
      I enjoy hearing from you! This art blogging is so much fun! Thanks for dropping by again and always writing! I am glad you like my little painting. I am happy you like my Buddha! Very cool look in the snow with flowers!
      Tomorrow to my MFA class. I will keep you posted!
      Need to work on easier rhyming flower paintings!
      Paint on Celeste!
      Your art buddy!

  6. Excellent idea of giving the roses to Buddha. It cheers up the snowy yard and I'm sure Buddha is warmed by your offering and will blanket your home with happiness. The pink poinsettias are terrific. I like the tight composition. You've dominated the space. I don't know if you have to work on it anymore. From where I sit; it looks done. Hugs Michael. Happy painting.

  7. Love the yellow roses cradled so tenderly by Buddha with the traces of snow on the surrounding ground - yes a painting some day for sure! And the poinsettias look happy with beautiful color and vibrancy!