Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Out West?" Oil Board 14" x 16"

"Out West?"

I am not used to painting scenes with so many warm colors.  I like the change.    However, I did enjoy painting the cooler colors in the sky. Mmm, I just notice the blue green transition of the mountains in  the middle of the piece. Can you see the hint of buildings  in the center?  Fun to be an artist! 
(It is interesting how many people on the East Coast of the USA refer to the West as "Out West" and we on the  East Coast often are referred to as "Back East!")
Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by and maybe even leaving a comment!


  1. The warm colors look great after looking at the blah colors we have right now. Nice job!!

    1. Thank you Joan! I am so glad you like the painting!
      You are right it is a very nice change!
      Keep painting!

  2. I love visiting "out west"....!! ha..ha..ha.. This is a wonderful painting, Michael. It does make me want to travel to Arizona to see those mountains those colors.!!

    1. Hi Hilda!
      Thanks for your wonderful words and for visiting again!
      You are so very right about traveling "out west" to Arizona! We certainly don't have the same colors way "back east!"
      Paint on my friend!

  3. "Out West" and "Back East!"
    Yeah I'll bet that goes back to when the country was still being settled.
    Yee Haa!
    We actually do have cool colors in the landscape and vegetation however this reminds me of an Edgar Paine southwest series painting where the land is all warm, so yes this works.

    Love the previous wave paintings, of course I do, since I too live near the sea!
    Your "Out West" Yosemite Sam Varmint Chasing Painting Pal
    Keep painting...

    1. You know David it would take someone from "Out West" to figure out why we use "Out West" and "Back East!" Thank you!
      Edgar Paine certainly has captured the southwest so very well!
      I am so happy you enjoy my work.
      You certainly had me laughing out loud with your new "nom de plume!" Or I should say "nom de peintre!"
      Paint on! Thanks again!

  4. Very interesting is the simplicity of the work. There's something in the landscape of desolation. The deep red surrounding houses impressed.
    greetings from Spain

    1. Hola Ricardo!
      Gracias amigo!
      Always so very nice to hear from you. Your wonderful comments are very supportive and very much appreciated!
      Your insights make me think! Thank you!
      I love your latest works! Bravo to you Ricardo!
      Mucho gusto!
      Michael USA

  5. The warm is different for you and it looks great! But I also like this painting because you're using both warm and cool together -

    Loved seeing you yesterday - and Brie thinks you are the bee's knees!!!

  6. Hello My Art Buddy!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful support over the years! You are the best!
    You have been a great influence and motivation!
    Paint on Lisa!
    Brie is the coolest and most beautiful work of art! A joyful face and so much more! You rock Brie! You too Lisa!

  7. Creativity, artistic license, daring-do - all together it equals wonderful art! Love it, Michael. I used to be from out east and now live back west - wait a minute, maybe I was from back east and now live out west! LOL! Intersting observation!

  8. Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for visiting and writing!
    I so very much appreciate comments! Especially from other artists!
    (The other day I wrote a funny response but for some reason it never was published. After yesterdays tragedy in Connecticut I am not sure what to write or paint for a while! Let's all hang in there and hug everyone we love.)
    Thank you so much for so much!
    I am going to try to paint later today.
    Your art buddy,