Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem As Lovely As A Tree!" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

I saw this very exciting and very interesting tree, took a photo, and hurried home to paint it!
Below are some of the stages of this still unfinished work.

First - Undercoating. 
 Second - Paint In Some Shapes
 Three -  Scrape Off, Rub Off
 Four - Add Some Layers
Five - Paint Details
(Maybe "Finish" Tomorrow?)


  1. I love seeing how the tree evolves!!!

    I had missed the post of your wife's work...nice!!!

  2. Me too! Especially because I am not sure where it is going!
    Now I am thinking of taking more photos of a painting in progress and make a slide show?
    Thanks for your kind words.
    My wife, Jeannette , thanks you also.
    Take care.

  3. Amazing! I had never thought to do a process like this. I am too much of a perfectionist. I like where you are going with it! :) xo