Thursday, July 26, 2012

"New England Farm / Very Much Out Of My Comfort Zone" Oil Board 10" x 14"

Plein Air Painting is something I seldom do.  But because I am lucky to live so very close to the many small family owned farms in my town I just had to paint this scene.  (I am also very fortunate to live very near the Atlantic Ocean and not far from Boston.  Both huge influences in my art!)
 I drive by this farm almost on a daily basis and always wanted to paint this farm.  I did some very quick sketches and a very rough painting while there.  There for a short time for many reasons, main ones being bugs, and a bull? Because I didn't see a fence I took a photo and hurried home to my little studio to finish. I took some artistic license by adding hills and mountains where none exist.   This type of work is way out of my comfort zone but it was fun.  I hope somebody out there likes it.
Take care.  Rock on and Peace Out!


  1. Painting outdoors is wonderful. Get used. Your picture is beautiful, is good exercise.
    a greeting
    Your artist friend in Spain

  2. Ricardo,
    Gracias mucho por visitar mi blog y dejar un mensaje maravilloso! Tome el cuidado.
    Take care and thank you.
    Your American Art Friend,
    Michael / Miguel

  3. Hello! This method of starting outside and coming in works for you - and you have so much landscape (and livestock, apparently) out there to paint from. Thank you for sharing your 'very much out of your comfort zone' painting - one of the best things about plein air painting is the unpredictability it brings.

    1. Hello Lisa!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a delightful comment. I know you do quite a bit of artwork outdoors. Maybe I will do some more.
      Love your blog!
      Art Buddy Michael

  4. Glad you stepped out of your comfort zone! Nicely done!!! That's the kind of spot I gravitate to. Must admit I haven't met a bull while plein air painting.

  5. Good afternoon Joan!
    I love your work so much. Thanks for stopping by. That bull could have been a cow. I was so far away I couldn't tell. (Maybe this former "city boy" should take some animal husbandry classes?
    Take care and keep on painting.