Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Sold A Painting - Sad Now Happy" Oil Canvas 20" x 24"

"Paper Here!"
 Good news! I sold a painting. Sad news!  I miss it? 

 I wasn't planning on selling any of my works at a recent local art exhibit.  I thought it was simply a show of our little art association members work.  However, an older gentleman approached me and and asked to buy the paper boy painting shown above.  He explained to me that when he was much younger he sold newspapers on a Boston street corner and having this painting would make him very happy.  He was  very kind, and very nostalgic about this work.  I let him buy it at a more than reasonable price.  He loved it so much.  I thought of giving it to him but I sensed he wanted to purchase it.

When I delivered it to his home today he immediately hung in a very prominent place.  He was so very happy and so very proud.  He said the little boy in the painting brought back many wonderful childhood memories of his paper boy days.  I smiled.  He did too. 

Driving home I realized that I no longer miss my little painting.  I am not sure why I missed it in the first place. Maybe the fact that this little painting was a self portrait for I too was a Boston paper boy!


  1. Paintings are like our children. It's normal to miss them when they leave home. When we know where they are and the joy they are giving out in the world however, we are glad we could spread a little joy.

  2. Linda!
    So very happy to hear from you again! Your words are so true!
    Spreading a little joy is such a nice feeling. Thanks for commenting and helping to make my day.

  3. Michael, What a nice feeling you must have to have touched that gentleman's heart! The paper boy has a good home where he will be treasured. It was fun to catch up on some of your work that I missed. I loved the painting of the patchwork fields in Portugal. It reminded me of looking down when I fly and seeing the patterns on the ground. Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Hello Joan,
    So very good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your many visits to my little blog and your very kind comments. You are right it was a wonderful feeling seeing that very happy gentleman enjoy my art work so much. We are very lucky to be artists!
    Keep on painting and posting your great work for all to see.
    Again, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my work.
    Take care.

  5. Michael,
    I agree with L.W.Roth,
    And they can't be enjoyed by others collecting dust in our studios.
    The satisfaction is always greater when the buyer tells us how they identified with the work. Sometimes we sell work and never get to hear that.

    This is part of why we paint.
    Besides the alternative is letting one go out into the world where our regret is it may have been subpar by our own standards, that is scary.

    Nice story, glad you posted here.

  6. David!
    Thank you so very much for visiting and leaving such a wonderful message. I very much appreciate what you say because I respect you so much as an artist.
    Sharing our work and our thoughts by blogging is such a wonderful way to keep we artists connected. Very much like a world wide art colony!
    Again, thanks for stopping by and writing.
    Take care.

  7. Congratulations on your sale!!! Yes, it really is shard to let go of a favorite and sentimental painting, but it also leaves room for growth and beginning anew! :)