Sunday, December 18, 2011

"The Ocean" Acrylic Canvas 40" x 48"

I love painting the ocean.  This painting was done completely "in the zone"!  I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Wow, and what a zone it was!!! I want to be in that zone and never come out... it's not even that turbulent, it's mesmerizing!! :) What does it take to get you in that zone? Music? I find that music is the best for me, and then just visualizing. You have done it again! Thanks for all the sweet comments on my artwork. I wish I had more time in the day (don't we all?) Stop by any time!

  2. Oh yeah.... This is when the ocean is scary! I have seen this (from the safety of the shore) many times.
    Would not want to be in the middle of that!
    Like the expressive quality here, part Hosakai, part Homer.
    Keep painting...

  3. David,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my work. I love your work and your blog. It is so nice when people visit my blog and comment. Again, thanks!

  4. Rose,
    I am not sure what it takes for others to get into their "painting zone" but for me it seems I am almost always in it. It happens most for me when I start off my work with a very vague idea what I plan to do and then I let the work take me where it wants to go. Music has a huge influence on me when I paint. Many, many years ago I was painting while listening to an album that was skipping while I was in college. I never noticed the record skipping and painted for hours right through it! It was in the late sixties, the music was Sly And The Family Stone, and the song was "I Want To Take You Higher!" Later I will post a photo of the painting I was working on. I wonder if many bloggers out there know what a "record skipping" means. Enjoy!