Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Happy Patriots' Day USA!" Some MFA Art Work!

Happy Patriots' Day USA!

Patriots' Day is a huge patriotic holiday in Massachusetts USA! It commemorates the first battles of the American Revolution for Independence!  This year it is celebrated on Monday, April 15!
This historic day is filled with battle reenactments, parades, sporting events, and so much more!
This post is filled with photos of the holiday in the beginning and some art stuff at the end!

Reenactment of Battles Of Lexington And Concord American Revolution
(Check Out Ralph Waldo Emerson's Poem, "The Shot Heard 'Round The World!")

Statue In Boston's North End Of USA Patriot Paul Revere.
In Back Ground Old North Church
Paul Revere's famous horse back ride to warn the colonist that the British s were coming is also reenacted on Patriots' Day!
(Check Out Henry Wordsworth Longfellow's Famous Poem, "The Midnight Ride Of  Paul Revere!")
The USA's oldest and best marathon, The Boston Marathon, is run on Patriots' Day!
This is a photo of me running the Boston Marathon much more than a few years ago!
Photo was taken while I was running up Heart Break Hill, screaming at the photographer to take my picture.
I did finish 26.2 miles in four hours and fifteen minutes!  A record for me!
Baseball's greatest team in the world, the Boston Red Sox, always play a home game at Fenway Park on Patriots' Day!
Fenway park is the oldest and best baseball park in the universe.
(A bit partial to Boston am I!?)

 Smaller Painting  Of Most Holy Redeemer Church
(Acrylic Canvas 14" x 20")
(I posted a much larger painting of this church not too long ago!)

This version is a gift for my good friend's ninety plus year old mother! It is her neighborhood church!
"Pizza Regina! # 1
The first of three versions of the famous Boston Pizzeria!
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 26"
All are unfinished.   All going in different directions.  All the same size canvases!
Fun to do three paintings of same subject at the same time!
"Pizza Regina! #2
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 26"
"Pizza Regina! # 3
Acrylic Canvas 20" x 26"

My Fantastic Teacher, Ria, Demonstrating Canvas Stretching!
(First Time I Stretched My Own Canvas Since 1968!)

Another Wonderful Work By Guest Artist Nicole


  1. Happy Parrots Day?.... oh wait... it's Happy Patriots Day! that makes much more sense for Boston! (that's what I saw at first glance!)

    I like all your recent church and cityscapes, I think it is a very successful direction for you Michael. Do more of those!

    The statue photo of Paul Revere... looks like he lost a glove and it is flying through the air!, nice touch.

    Have a Happy Patriots Day and keep painting...

    1. Good morning David!
      "Parrots' Day" is next week! I think!
      Again, you had me laughing out loud and then double checking my spelling! I am sure there is a "Parrots' Day" celebration somewhere!
      I am happy you like my work David! I will continue the cityscapes! Thanks!
      So I checked out Paul's statue and low and behold there was the little "glove!" You are so funny! I didn't know the little "glove" was there! It is so good to laugh!
      I love your work David! You keep painting also!
      Your "glove" buddy!

  2. Very impressive that you ran the Marathon! wow!! I am proud of you. I am also impressed with all these paintings. My favorite might be Pizza R #1...though I like them all. I enlarged the Paul Revere statue to see what you and David were talking about. (haha!) Congratulations on stretching your own canvas...that is a cool thing (that I doubt that I will ever do). I am very happy with canvas panels. I do make some of those myself (by simply pasting canvas to boards. Happy Patriot's Day! What will you do to celebrate?

  3. Celeste!
    Thank you!
    Since I was a young boy I wanted to run Boston Marathon! So glad I was able to do it!
    I am so happy you like my work! It means so much to me! Thank you!
    Paul Revere's dropped glove was very funny! I wish I had planned it! My mistake while taking an online photo! of the statue. So funny!
    Now I know why I haven't stretched canvas since 1968! Buy it all set and ready to go!
    Patriots Day this year spend with some very good artists friends hanging out talking art. Maybe watch the marathon on television then off to the local herring run! And some dinner. Maybe Italian!
    Happy Patriots Day to you Celeste!
    Love your work!
    Your art buddy!

  4. Happy Patriot's Day!!! Loved the photos of your area and smiled at the one of you running the marathon.
    Nice group of paintings you're workign on!!! Looks like you're keeping busy.

    1. Hello Joan!
      As always so very good to hear from you!
      Happy Patriots' to you also!
      Thanks for all your support!
      Love your blog!

  5. Happy Patriot's Day Michael!
    It's Parrot's Day every day here! I can hear them squawking in the trees as I type.
    What a great blog post - very entertaining!
    Very impressive that you ran a marathon - how many times did you run it?
    Loved seeing the statue and falling glove!
    What a great idea to paint three interpretations of a scene all at once. They are all shaping up well.
    You will have to tell us about the herring run now - I'm all agog!
    Happy Painting!

    1. G'Day Wendy! And a very Good Day for Australian, Adam Scott, for being the first Aussie to win the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, USA! Congratulations!
      I thought of you when fellow blogger David Teter wished us all a "Happy Parrots' Day!" I knew you would be willing to celebrate the parrots!
      I am glad you enjoyed the post! Some funny things going on. Unplanned at that. The "glove!"
      The Boston Marathon was something for me at that. I ran two marathons and many shorter races! Way back in the day! On documents in the US when they ask for my "race" I always write "Boston Marathon!" Or Human Race!
      I will post photo of the herring run! Now there is a marathon!
      Art on and happy painting to you also Wendy!

  6. I saw the news of the explosion today and thought of your post. How awful for the runners and spectators who were there today. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

    1. Joan!
      Thank you so very much for your support!
      So sad! So very sad!
      Spent day and night contacting loved ones to make sure all safe!
      So sad. My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost loved ones and who were injured.
      Not even sure what to write.
      Thank you for your support!
      It means so much!

  7. Michael, just had to drop back over to express my sadness about today's Marathon. Heartfelt healing thoughts winging up for everyone.

    1. Celeste, My Art Buddy!
      Thank you so much for writing. So very, very sad! Your heartfelt healing thoughts are so very important! Thank you! The loss of the little boy is overwhelming. How can anyone justify such violence is beyond me.
      I wish I could adequately express my feelings of loss.
      Patriots' Day and The Boston Marathon are forever changed.
      When sad things like this happen I wonder if I will ever be joyful again.
      Thank you Celeste!

  8. I've been glued to the news like most I'm sure.
    So tragic to see this Day of Celebration scarred forever. Even more horrible those that were killed and injured, my thoughts are with them. Lets hope for the quick capture and prosecution of those responsible. We can't allow that 'element' to defeat us, the very nature of Patriots Day stands for that!

    1. David!
      My Dear South West Coast Art Buddy!
      There is such a feeling of loss in the greater Boston area today. Through social media people are contacting family and friends. Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with a dear friend to make sure her daughter, a student in Boston, was okay! All our calls,incoming and outgoing are so stressful. Even though my family and friends are fine I am still tormented by the loss of life and limb. So senseless! Especially the eight year old boy!
      So now all of us have to get used to even more tragedy!
      Maybe later I will post more.
      Thanks so much buddy!

  9. Michael I was so horrified to hear the news this morning. I thought of you straight away and how I'd only just been looking at your joyful blog post about the marathon. Such a tragedy for all affected and a shock to all Americans - as it is to everyone around the world. I'm thinking of you and everyone over there. Hopefully the perpetrators will be found soon.

  10. Hello My Special Australian Art Friend!
    Thank you for writing Wendy!
    It is so, so sad here in Massachusetts.
    I never ever could imagine how important this art blogging thing could become. It is so nice to hear from other bloggers! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. It means a lot. It is amazing how important it is to know others care. My family and friends are all okay. Took quite some time to check on everyone. We have many family and friends who were in Boston yesterday. We usually go ourselves. We decided to stay home and watch the race on television! Knowing our loved ones are safe doesn't diminish the sadness knowing others suffered so much. I can't imagine how anyone could do this!
    I love Boston so much. (I love the world so much!) So sad.
    Thanks so much Wendy! Please tell all your Aussie friends about your buddies in Boston who need their support!
    Take care Mate!