Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Magnificent Ocean" "My Studio" "Awesome Prism Diversion"

"Magnificent Ocean"
(Acrylic Canvas 40" x 48")

I finished this ocean scene while my church painting waits for me in Boston!  I have been working on it for a long time; at the canvas, while sleeping, and other conscious and unconscious moments!  I am always thinking about art!
 I hope this painting depicts the huge love I have for the ocean!

I thought a little tour of my studio would be fun!
Table area for my acrylic work!
Another table area for watercolor work!
My easel and storage area!
Also some space for my guitar playing!
I have many crystals and prisms located throughout the house! They collect the sunlight's diversion and  display a variety of  these  marvelous "rainbows"in every room!  My rocking artist Aunt Eleanor gave me this idea when I was little boy!  

Color everywhere in the house all throughout the day!  Even on the floor!

Almost like little rainbow space ships!  Great decorations that move onto ceilings and walls!
My "Three Fuschias" and nature's "Indoor Rainbows!"
Sight is such a gift.
Please comment and let me know if you enjoyed todays "out of the box" post!
Peace and more!


(Maybe other artists could post photos of their studios?)


  1. "Magnificent Ocean" Is fantastic...! I love the gold next to the blue...and the turquoise! Your studio is comfortable and you are right, visiting studios is so much fun. You have a very old computer monitor!! haha..and your prisms are wonderful too. Great post!

    1. Hello Celeste!
      Thank you very much. I am so happy you like my work! The colors especially! I "went with the flow" on this one and just stopped when I felt finished!
      I am glad you got a kick out of the old "computer monitor!" I do remember the old Apple computer back when I was a teacher! The little fellow in the photo is a very old tv!
      You had me laughing so much! Thanks Celeste!

  2. I so like the abstraction and color harmonies (and combinations) of this piece. It's beautiful.

    1. Hello Shirley!
      Thanks for visiting!
      I am so happy you like my painting!
      I really enjoyed painting this one! Came from the heart!
      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      Take care my friend!

  3. Merci pour la visite de votre atelier...
    J'aime beaucoup le mouvement de votre océan... et les différentes nuances de couleurs.
    Gros bisous

    1. Bonjour Martine!
      Merci beaucoup!
      I am so happy you like my ocean! If I could only paint one thing for the rest of my life that one thing would be the ocean!
      Gros bisous to you also!

  4. Bonojour Martine!
    Merci! Merci!
    Thank you so much for your very kind words!
    I am happy you like my work! I also love the movement and the colors!
    Hugs and kisses to you!
    Votre ami USA
    Michael aka Michel

  5. I enjoyed the tour of your looks so neat! Love the waves and colors in your has so much movement. I can't post photos of my studio since when I do paint indoor I paint at the kitchen table. It would be so nice to have a place to store things and leave them out.

    1. Hello Joan!
      I am glad you enjoyed the studio tour. I thought it would be fun! For some reason I love to keep my studio neat and my work wild. Interesting?
      I am happy you noticed the colors and the movement in my painting. It seems I am always drawn towards movement in my work!
      I think of your studio as the great outdoors! I love picturing you in your car painting all your wonderful scenes. It is nice though to have a spot to keep materials out.
      Enjoy the day!

  6. thank you for sharing your studio space! I love seeing where other artists work. What kind of lighting do you use? I am struggling with lighting my space at night.... Also, love the guitar within arm's reach so you can play while pondering on a piece of Art. Is it speckled with paint?! I have a friend who keeps a Hula Hoop in her studio that she uses while thinking! haha

    1. Hi Kim!
      You are welcome!
      I agree it is very nice to see other artists's studios. (I love your recent post of your old and new studio!)
      Yes, both my guitars are spattered with paint! I am glad I never cleaned the guitars. I am glad you mentioned that! And I do play the guitar in the studio. Not well but with great enthusiasm!
      I am enjoying picturing your friend using the hula hoop!
      We artists are so very interesting people!
      Thanks again for dropping by Kim!
      Take care art buddy!

  7. Hi Michael,
    I LOVE your Magnificent Ocean, it most certainly tells all that you love the sea, it is elevated to spirit in your painting. And thank you for the little studio tour, it is so fun to see where artists create. I LOVE the prism rainbows throughout your house, what a grand idea...i might have to steal that idea...i would love to see rainbows daily. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine today.

    1. Hello Sally!
      I am sorry this reply is so late!
      I am so happy you saw the "spirit" in this work. I am always thrilled when my work exposes emotion! I am glad you like my little studio! I hope you do add little rainbows to your home. Wouldn't that be fun if rainbows in houses were a common sight!
      Yesterday great sunshine in Massachusetts! Seventy plus degrees!

  8. This ocean painting is my new favorite of yours, Michael - the color is so beautiful and the energy of the waves is spectacular! Bravo! And thank you for showing your multifaceted studio - it seems a delightful place to work and to be creative! And those prism spaceships - how interesting and a great idea! The answer is YES - I definitely enjoyed this post!

    1. Ola Susan!
      So very good to hear from you. Also so very, very good to see your work posted again! I love your art!
      I am so happy to hear you like my work! It can be very difficult to post art for all to see! The support of fellow art bloggers is very important and joyful!
      My studio is a delightful place to work and play! Thank you! Once I get in I don't want to leave!
      My aunt, who was an artist, introduced me to these little prisms some sixty years ago! So much fun. Especially when young children are over. They love to chase the rainbows from room to room! Me too!
      I am so glad you enjoyed the post! I enjoy your visits!
      Please keep painting and posting your fine art for all to enjoy!
      Art on Susan!

  9. LOVE your ocean, Michael! Outstanding colors and definitely a favorite! I can't paint water...I have been practicing since I would love to paint my pond with the fish in my backyard..maybe this year!!
    As far as your studio....I love all that wonderful light you get through those windows!...and your SO organized!

    1. Hello Hilda!
      I am thrilled you like my work! Your positive comments make me feel wonderful! Thank you!
      You are a great artist! Now, I am going to be on the lookout for your wonderful fish pond painting! The fish and the pond deserve it! Art on!
      I also love the light in my room. I am very fortunate I get light all day!
      I love being organized. I think I keep my art area organized because it gives me the structure to be so very carefree, daring, and so much more. Odd to need structure to be unstructured? But we artists can be a bit odd. Can't we!
      Take care and thanks again Hilda!

  10. Hi Michael, I loved your post! Stunning ocean painting, so wild and colourful and roiling with the love you have for the ocean. Also love the other ocean paintings you have on your walls.
    What a beautiful and well organised studio you have - it oozes creativity and looks very joyful and inviting. I love your pet rainbows that you keep around the house - what a great idea!
    Keep the great posts coming!

    1. Hello My Wonderful Australian Art Buddy Wendy!
      I am so very happy you like my work! "Stunning" is such a great compliment! Thank you Cobber! I absolutely love the ocean. I know you do also. We are very lucky to live near the sea. You the Indian Ocean and me, the Atlantic! How very cool is that! I am glad you like the ocean paintings on my walls. Our entire house is covered with my work. Mostly ocean scenes at that!
      Your description of my studio is right on. I wanted a spot where I can be creative! I want to produce work that is unique. I love the excitement of creating something that never existed before! Something that is art worthy and surprising. I think my studio helps me immensely!
      Yes,the rainbows are a blast! I have to give my art aunt Eleanor credit and a big thank you for that! She was a child of the universe. Always being creative. A big influence on me!
      Take care Mate!

  11. Michael, It sounds like your Aunt was a woman ahead of her times. How wonderful for you to have had such a special and creative role model so early in your life.
    Take care,

  12. Loved the ocean painting, the fuchsias, the studio tour-- everything about this post. Bravo!

  13. Good morning Susan!
    Thank you so much for dropping by! Your visit and comments made my morning! I am always happy when other artists enjoy my work and post!
    Thanks again Susan!
    (I love your art work!)

  14. Your magnificent ocean truly is. It seems to have captured your color rockets all over it. Love the motion and the colors. It's wonderful!

  15. Susan!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I love motion and I am happy you noticed it in this piece! It is so nice to get positive feedback on my work! Thank you again for taking the time to visit and write! Makes me so very happy!
    Your art buddy!

  16. love your ocean pictures, and your wonderful prisms and crystals. that's a fabulous idea! thanks for letting us see your studio. loved it.