Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Love A Rainy MFA Day!"I

Beautiful Heavy Pouring Rain In Boston Last Week! And I Loved Every Second Of It!
( While walking in the rain I was of course listening to Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" on my iphone!)

I couldn't find one of my brushes!  Too my amazement it fell perfectly aligned into the paint on my palette!  Even now a bit hard to locate the "camouflaged" art helper! Can you see it?  Notice I often use just the primary colors as a challenge to see if I can mix the paint I need!  Also less weight in my back pack!!!  I use the cotton swabs to "wipe off" areas of paint from the canvas! I love the water spray bottle.  I often spray water on the canvas while the paint is wet! So many wonderful things happen while the water drips over the wet paint! Not sure what I use the yellow paper clip for but fun to see it by itself on the table!

I am loving painting this East Boston Triple Decker over and over again!  I think I may have at least four finished works of this same subject!  For some reason lately I haven't been completing much art!  Fun and exciting to keep on going and see what happens!  I so love the process!
(Acrylic 16" x 20" Canvas)

Sometimes I like to work on a few paintings at the same time.  This work is slowly evolving into two subjects I love to paint,  the ocean and cityscapes.  I am not sure how it happens!  It just does!
(Acrylic 14" 16" Canvas Board)

Another example of letting my mind wander while taking a break from other paintings! An art buddy of mine did the background!  She was planning on discarding it but instead asked me to do something over it!  Fun way to pass some time!  (Kind of a Halloween / Fall theme?)  May do more when I need a "break!"
(Acrylic 14" x 16" Canvas Board)

I so love taking the subway to the MFA!  Always some wonderful street musicians making beautiful music!  These two young men were playing some early fantastic Beatles tunes!  Of course many of the commuters missed their trains to stay and listen!  I love when everyone claps at the end of their songs.  Of course I am usually the one leading the applause!

"Delmas" Street corner in East Boston!  Another version of a neighborhood corner where my high school buddies and I "hung out!"  This too is not yet finished!  I am not one to be overly concerned about "finishing" a work.  Not sure why!  But I guess in the big picture it is of little concern.  I have been painting this work over and over again.  I so love a "layered" effect.  This painting started off as a daytime scene but now there is no question in my mind it will be a night scene.  I didn't plan on it but notice the glow of light in lower front of building?  I will add a street lamp soon as a light source! Thinking of adding some images of teenagers singing "Doo Wop Songs" from way back in 
the day!
In the USA Thanksgiving is coming!  A great holiday to stop and ponder and be thankful!  I am thankful for so many things!
Paint on!
(Acrylic 16" x 20" Canvas Board)


  1. I love rainy days (am am waiting for snowy days!) and enjoyed seeing that group of art lovers braving the elements in order to go into the Museum. It made my heart sing! Your cityscapes (triple decker and Delmas Street) as well as your seascapes always fill me with joy - your work has a special power to do that and I find it magical. I think it is the force of your very powerfully positive personality coming through in your work. In fact, I know that is what it is - pure JOY!

    1. Bom dia Susan!
      You are right! Rainy days rock! Snow!!! I can't stand how much I love the snow! So excited about our first storm. We already had a little snow this season but nothing like a real "Nor Easter!" I am thrilled that these little photos "made your heart sing!" So very nice! Now you add "fill me with joy!" Wow! Not much more we can ask for! Thanks Susan for your very kind words! Your visit and comments are pure JOY for me! Paint on buddy!
      Your Joyful Art Buddy!

  2. You're always so happy, Michael. Your smiles come out through the computer!!! This is probably why I like you so much!! These are a wonderful collection of your works....I love how you capture the "round" shapes in the windows on your.East Boston Triple Decker ...You paint buildings so well...

    1. Hello Hilda! (My Excellent Artist And Off The Chart Portrait Painter!!!) Your comments today made my day! Your visits and comments always make my day! I love the way you wrote "my smiles come through the computer!" Well I am certainly smiling now! I am glad you like my art Hilda! I am working on hard on my painting buildings skills. I am not a fan of painting and making straight lines. A good discipline for me! Being an artist and having so many wonderful art blogging buddies always makes me happy! (I do try to choose happiness! I am glad you wrote that! Thank you Hilda!)
      Your Happy To Be Your Art Buddy!

  3. Great starts to these paintings. I always love the ones you do of the neighborhood. I like imagining the lives and memories those hold. Having music playing in the subway is always fun. I know the musicians in NYC have to audition for spots in the subway area, do they do that in Boston too? Have a great Thanksgiving! We all have a lot to be thankful for including great internet friends. Enjoy!

    1. Hello Joan!
      Thank you so much for your so very positive comments buddy! Always makes me so happy to hear from you! I am glad you like my neighborhood paintings. Very nostalgic for me! I try so hard to take myself back to my "growing up days" in East Boston with my art! Nice that others like my work! Nice? I mean Fantastic!!!! I am not sure how these subway musicians get their spots? Thank goodness most of them are very good! You are so right about being thankful! So much to be thankful for! Our great internet friends are definitely great reasons to be thankful!!! Happy Thanksgiving Joan!!!

  4. Hey Michael,
    Wow I really need to get caught up here. You have been busy painting up a storm!
    I love your watercolor trees a couple posts ago. You should do more of those and more watercolors too. Your trees have so much character. So great you went to the art show. We have The LA Art Show here in LA at the convention center every year which I love going to, get completely immersed in art for a day.
    I like what you are doing with the triple deckers, especially like the Delmas Corner, love the colors in it. And I definitely can see it as a nocturne.
    So funny how your brush rolled and became camouflaged Ha ha.
    Keep painting my friend and keep visiting those museums and shows.
    Your Still No Rain Here Art Buddy

    1. Hey Right Back At You David!! Glad you are catching up!!! Thrilled to see your name on the comment form!! Painting up a storm! Love that! Made me think how much I love storms and may start another "storm" painting! Thanks buddy!
      Thanks for the watercolor compliment! Glad you like them. I need to find time to paint with watercolors and acrylics! I am glad you like my tree paintings! I love, love trees! (I guess I just about love everything! But trees are way up there!) Next time you go The LA Art Show please take photos and post!! Thanks for your positive words on my little triple deckers. Hope to finish them soon! They mean so much to me! I am glad you noticed my little brush after it rolled onto my palette! I couldn't find it!!!
      I will keep painting "for sure!" Also hang out at museums and art shows! You also My LA Art Buddy!
      So very sorry about the No Rain In LA Art Buddy! I will definitely pray to the "Appeal To The Great Spirit" for rain as I pass by the statue in Boston buddy!
      Your Hoping For Rain In Southern California Art Buddy!

  5. Your row house painting is gorgeous, I love the colors and textures in the nocturne, but also love your works in progress. The ocean painting is evolving beautifully! Gorgeous colors.
    It is important to support our musicians, I am happy you take the time out! Have a wonderful holiday Michael, so thankful for good art friends like you!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Celia!!! I am so thankful for your friendship as well as our many other art blogging art buddies! I am glad you like my house paintings! "Gorgeous" certainly is a great compliment! Grazie my friend! I am glad you noticed the colors and textures. I so focus on colors and texture in my work! Nice that you commented on that! Thanks so much Celia! The other little paintings are coming along! Much fun to do between breaks on the other works!
      You are right about supporting our musicians! I so love having live music in my life! Everywhere and anywhere music is important. More food for the soul! Are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy Celia! I am also so very thankful for good art friends like you!
      Ciao buddy!
      Your Italy Loving Art Buddy!

  6. A wonderful rollicking rainy post Michael (We're getting a little drop of rain as I write this). I admire your interest and tenacity with the triple deckers, they make for great subject matter. Your WIP of the city and ocean all-in-one looks fascinating and I can't wait to see where you go with that one!
    I laughed to hear that it was you who led the applause - but who else but you? I love your ability to seize the joy out of every moment - it's a great credit to you Michael!
    Your Art Cobber,

  7. Hey Buddy! I am glad you like this "rollicking rainy" post! I am more than glad you are getting a bit of rain. ( I guess our buddy, David J. Teter, from Avid Art is getting a bit too much rain in Southern California! First drought and now too much rain! Let's hope all is well with him!) I am so happy you like my work. Thanks Wendy!
    It is funny me leading the applause way down in the subway! I so much love hearing the street musicians play! Especially if they are good. Nice when they get some gratitude! I know many of them by name now. I have taken a few photos. Hope to do a series of paintings soon!
    Funny how I try to seek joy every moment and so nice you notice. Life is so off the chart short. May as well get as much joy out of it as possible. Oh, life is wide also!!!!
    Take care Wendy!
    Thanks again!
    Your USA Art Cobber aka Minister Of Joy?