Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Must Love Dogs!" Two Dog Portraits" Acrylic 16" x 20"

Surprise painting for my nephew and niece. Sad to write the  dogs passed away. My thought was this painting might ease some of the pain.
Much work for me.  Labor of love!

Another dog portrait finished this summer to give to a friend who so misses his dog who passed away.

So much joy when the recipients got their respective dog portraits.
Some time ago I mentioned in my blog that I was working on a surprise! These works are  the surprises.  So difficult for me to keep a secret.  Everyone was certainly surprised and so very happy when I presented them with their gifts.  Also a few tears.
The power of art still amazes me!

This summer we took a boat out of Boston to Salem Massachusetts to see this once in a life time Turner exhibit!  Wow!  Turner is certainly up there with the many artists I so love.  Once many years ago an art professor of mine mentioned that my work reminded him of Turner!   Wow!
I hope everyone had a great summer!
Bring on the fall!


  1. Well you do know your dogs! Terrific portraits and a very sweet gesture.

    I wish I could have seen The Turner exhibit. I love his work. He handles watercolour the way it should be handles. Lucky you. Happy painting Michael.

    1. Hello My Dear Art Bogging Friend Linda!
      So very good of you to drop by and leave such a wonderful comment! I am so happy that you like my dog portraits! Thanks Linda!
      I know you would have loved the Turner exhibit. It was so very exciting and emotional to be so close to his wonderful work. You are so right about how he uses watercolors! Amazing!
      Take care and enjoy the soon to be here fall!
      Your Turner Loving Art Buddy!

  2. Hi Michael, beautiful portraits and the smiles on your friends faces...priceless!
    I love Turner too, you are very lucky! I'm happy you had a nice summer.

    1. Ciao Celia! As always so very happy to hear from you my Italo-American Art Buddy! Thanks for visiting and writing your very supportive comments! I am glad I am finished with the dog portraits. Much "work" for me. Labor of love!
      I am glad you like Turner also! He is up there with one of my very many favorites! Great summer! Thank you! Now I am very psyched about fall. I so love the changing of the seasons in the south coast of Massachusetts. This morning a cool 40 degrees F! 15 degrees C? I love the cool crisp fall air. Leaves are just beginning to change colors! Football season has begun. Children back to school and so many other signs that fall is on its way!
      Take care Celia!
      Your Autumn Loving Art Buddy!

  3. Your dog portraits are excellent! You do them so well. What thoughtful gifts and what lucky recipients! Good to see you post something new after disappearing for so long. Hope your summer was great!

    1. Hello Joan!
      Thank you so much for the "Excellent!" comment! Getting positive feedback is so nice. Always makes me happy to see your name on the comment form! Glad you are glad to see my back! I so need to make time to post more and comment more. I am following your blog and many others! Now to get to commenting! Summer went very well thank you! Hope yours was fine also. Bring on the beautiful fall!
      Your Crisp And Cool Weather Loving Art Buddy!

  4. Wow Michael, both of these portraits are REALLY beautiful! The compositions are fantastic - very original. I LOVE seeing the photo with you and the happy recipients - what a special photo that is! You did well to keep the secret. It is so much fun having a surprise up your sleeve.

    How wonderful that you got to visit the Turner exhibition. I can easily see why your art professor said your work reminded him of Turner. A great compliment and well deserved!

    Thanks for all your encouragement with my sketching challenge. It is nice to be home and exchanging comments again with my blogging buddies!!

    Your happy to be home art cobber,

    1. "Greetings From The USA!"
      Hello My UK Adventurous And Now Very Prolific Art Mate!
      Hi Wendy!
      Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments! I am happy you like my dog portraits! It was very difficult to keep them a secret for so long! When the recipients were at my house I had to hide the paintings! Many funny times hiding them at last minute when they dropped over unannounced! And I am not a fan of surprises. I usually like people to know ahead of time any future happy event so they can enjoy the anticipation. But in this case one of the spouses of the recipients wanted a surprise!
      Turner was great. Still can't get over that my art professor, so many years ago made the comparison! 1968 to be exact! During my hippie Age Of Aquarius college days!
      Welcome home again! Your sketches are fantastic. Hard to keep up with your wonderful posts!!!
      Take care Mate!
      Your Happy That You Are Happy To Be Home Art Cobber!
      Michael "Dinky-di?" "Good onya!" "Aussie Wanna be!"

  5. ... a secret?! ... a loooooong secret... two whooole months!
    I can see now what you were doing, painting these wonderful dog portraits!
    The dog in the foreground of the three seems to be saying...
    "I have to hold this pose for HOW LONG!!!??? ... WHAT! UNTIL YOU REVEAL THE SECRET!!!?"
    and the golden retriever says... "Yeah , just like this!"
    Great job Michael! and you presented them framed.
    Love the paintings!
    OH TURNER! Wish I could see that show...
    Keep painting... (maybe not so long on the secrets though ; ) )
    Your Love Your K9 Surprise Paintings Art Buddy

    1. Hey and Hello My Avid Art Buddy! I so love your wonderful comments David! Always make me happy and laugh a bit! So very important! Still laughing about the dogs' conversations! They did hold their poses well! I am so glad you like my work. Still can't get over this blog thing and how happy it has made me making so many art friends!
      I always am thinking of you David whenever the news reports on anything going on in your great state! These wild fires must be so scary!!
      I have been visiting your blog buddy! Now I need to make time to comment!
      Oh, you would have loved the Turner show. Plus the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Massachusetts is a gem! Also loved the boat ride from Boston Harbor to Salem Harbor!
      Take care David!
      Your Always Thinking Of My South West Coast California Art Buddy Anytime I Watch News Of California Art Buddy! (Whew! That is the longest "valediction" ever! I had to look up the opposite of salutation and found "valediction!")

  6. These portraits are fantastic Michael!!!! Very impressive ! I love the three poses and all the details around them...excellent work....and love the photo of the happy owners of these portraits .... Congratulations! Hope to see more animal portraits ..

    1. Thank you so much Hilda!
      When I do any portraiture I think of you and your great talent!
      I so appreciated you feedback and support! I am not sure if I will be doing many more portraits of any kind for a bit! So much work! A different kind of art experience for me. However it was very rewarding to finish them and have them come out pretty good! Thanks again Hilda for so much!
      Your Not A Big Fan Of The Work In Art Work Art Buddy!

  7. Hi Michael,
    What a beautiful present to give your neice, nephew and your friend. No wonder it brought so much joy to them. It's wonderful to be able to create a gift so personal and meaningful. I especially love the second dog portrait, where the dog is bathed in sunlight. wonderful. Lucky you to get to see that Turner exhibit!! He is one of my fav's for sure. I saw some of his work in London a long time ago, even his sketchbook which was a marvel, though I had never seen the painting on the cover of that book! it's stunning. Turner painted with such evident passion. So do you, so I can see how your teacher made the comparison. Have a great day.

    1. Hello Sally!
      Great hearing from you! My neighbor to the north! I am glad you like my work! I was so happy when my family and friends were so moved by the portraits! I am constantly amazed how art can have such a powerful positive affect!
      I was so off the chart happy to be in the same room with Turner's art! I so love his seascapes. So powerful! Full of drama, emotion, excitement and so much more. I love the way he uses paint! Some of his works have such an almost abstract quality! Ahhh! A thrill!
      I am glad you got to see his work in London! Good for you Sally!
      I was so very lucky to have so many caring teachers in my life!
      Take care Sally!
      Bring on the fall! Brrrrrr! But nice!
      Your South Of The Border Art Friend!

  8. oh I am sure everyone cried remembering their best friends...what a wonderful surprise for them! I envy you seeing the Turner Once, a while back, a professor likened my work to Manet! I have always loved that...and so I can identify with you and your comparison to Turner. We are lucky those people said that to us because now we feel a "kinship" with those artists that can not be undone. :)

    1. Hey Celeste!
      They certainly did shed a few tears! Nice though!
      I am thrilled that you had a wonderful professor who saw Manet in your work! What a great motivation. I am glad we share that very similar experience. When my teacher mentioned Turner to me I was nineteen years old! I had no clue who Turner was. Back in the day no computer or google. I went to library and was thrilled to learn all I could about this great artist! Imagine so many years ago and I am writing to you on a computer to share this story! I love your work Celeste and I think your teacher was spot on! I see Manet, Monet, and so many of the other great Impressionists in your work! Especially your use of reds!
      Take care Celeste and thank you for a wonderful comment!
      Your Happy To Have A Similar Artist Kinship Art Buddy!

  9. Fall is here! See that you had a very productive and special summer-- creating lovely memories for friends and family.

    Loved the Turner exhibit. Saw the Jamie Wyeth exhibit the same weekend-- it too was fabulous.

  10. Hello Susan! So very good to hear from you! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog! I am thrilled you like my work! Yes, it was a special art summer! I am happy you also got to see Turner and Jamie Wyeth! Wow! Great art adventures for you! I just started another class at Boston's MFA and Jamie Wyeth is certainly on my to do list!
    Love fall!!!!!!! Already cooler weather and leaves changing to their best colors! Yippee!
    Take care Susan!

  11. Your dog portraits are fantastic and your secret keeping terrific too - I can't wait to talk to you all about the Turner exhibit -

    1. Good morning my fantastic "book club art teacher!" "Art Fun!" Instead of "Artwork?"
      Hi Lisa! Thank you buddy! Always off the charts great to hear from you!
      I know! Secrets are so very hard for me to keep! Especially fun ones!
      We will talk "Turner" soon! I so love the ocean! I so love Turner's oceans!
      Rock On You Fabulous Artist!!