Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Happy Day Of Portugal!" "Feliz Dia De Portugal!"

Day Of Portugal June 10

"Feliz Dia De Portugal!"

 When I started my thirty-five year teaching career in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA, I became interested in everything Portuguese!
I was so very fortunate to have so many wonderful students!  Many  of them from Os Acores, Portugal!
Every June 10 in Portugal and all over the world wherever the wonderful Portuguese emigrated "Dia De Portugal" is celebrated.  Our students had "pen pals" with their counterparts in Portugal! We  cumulated our year long cultural exchange programs with our own celebrations at many of the fantastic Portuguese restaurants in Fall River!
(Love Portuguese Food!  Mmmmm!)

"Portuguese Caravel" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 36"
I did this painting a while back.  I am posting it today to commemorate the Day Of Portugal.  Look carefully and you should see the Portuguese flag flying high on the main sail mast and the flag of the Acores at the aft of the ship!
Abracos e beijos!
Seu amigo,
Michael aka Miguel


  1. This is so dreamy and enchanting Michael! II love the sense of adventure it evokes. Also the textured surface adds a pleasing dimension.
    Happy Portugese day to you! We have a large Portugese community in Kingston. I used to work for a Portugese family's business years ago , and they were generous and passionate people. This painting is a real tribute to Portugal.

    1. Thank you Sally! I so appreciate your visits and your wonderful comments! "Dreamy!" "Enchanting!" "Adventure!" Thank you! I am also happy you noticed the texture! I love seeing and even feeling texture in my art!
      Thanks for sharing your story about your work experience. I am so glad you also got to know and realize the wonder of the Portuguese people!
      Take care buddy!

  2. Funny, my best friend's birthday is June 10 and she married someone who is of Portugese decent. I never knew about this special day. I learn a lot coming to your blog. :) what a beautiful is riding high on imagination! Love the powerful colors and brushwork--excellent!

    1. Ola amiga! Hi Celeste! Happy Belated Birthday to your best friend! I love these wonderful coincidences! I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I am flattered that you are learning from it! Maybe that is the retired teacher in me coming out? You liking my work makes me so very happy. I am thrilled with your wonderful comment "It is riding high on imagination!" I had so much fun painting this one. Totally in the zone! Not any pressure at all. Just went with the flow. So nice when that happens!
      Thanks for your "Excellent!" comment!
      Seu bom amigo!

  3. Felizidades Miguel! It is great you embraced your students culture and still do by celebrating and commemorating Portugal's special day. I imagine their food to be delicious!
    I can see the flags, gorgeous work! I love the force in which you depict the ocean and the boat is going through it with determination. As always, I love the colors and brushwork.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Felizidades to you also Celia! I so loved being a teacher. My little city had so many students from all over the world we celebrated and embraced so many wonderful and different cultures. Too many to mention here. Loved them all!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful and so very kind words! I am so happy to be your blog friend. I am also happy you like my art. I think painting the ocean could be my favorite subject matter. So hard for me to limit myself to one favorite. Funny huh?
      Thank you again Celia for your much appreciated support!
      Your Lover Of The Worlds Many Various And Wondrous Cultures!

  4. Miguel, this one also has a lot of drama!!! Happy Dia De Portugal!!! Many, many years ago I visited Portugal when I was backpacking across Europe....beautiful country and wonderful people.

    1. Hello Joan! I like "Miguel!" Thanks buddy! Wow! Backpacking across Europe! That must have been quite an adventure! Good for you Joan! I am so happy you enjoyed Portugal and the Portuguese people!
      I am glad you pointed out the drama in this work Joan! I so much love emotion in my work! Thanks so much buddy!
      Your Happy That You Backpacked Across Europe Art Buddy!

  5. Happy belated Portugal Day Michael! What a great tribute to their special day. I really enjoyed hearing about your connection with the Portuguese people and their culture.
    My husband backpacked through Europe in his late teens and Portugal was one of his favourite destinations.
    Now for your painting! It literally took my breath away! The movement, energy, colour and texture you have created is magnificent! I think this is my new favourite!! You really do have something very original going on with your ocean scenes and I think you could put together an exhibition that would knock people's socks off!!
    Looking forward to seeing more work along these lines - as well as anything else you put your creative talents to!
    Your very impressed art cobber Wendy.

  6. G'Day Mate! I am glad you enjoyed my little tribute and connection to Portugal! I was just writing Celia that I was also able to celebrate many other cultures while being a teacher! I was so very lucky to have students from all over the world! I love hearing that your husband backpacked across Europe as a young man! What an adventure. I am hoping he kept a journal! I am glad Portugal was a favorite spot!
    Wendy, you write the kindest comments! Thank you! I was thrilled that you wrote my painting took your breath away! I am so happy my painting had such a great affect on you! Thanks buddy! I have had many of my ocean scenes exhibited in group shows but never alone! I should get going and plan that. I have a few local galleries that I think would be open to that type of a show. Your words may be the push I need! I love painting the ocean! Anytime I paint ocean scenes I so get into the process. Never ever while I am painting the ocean do I feel stressed to do anything but enjoy the process. I often experience joy while painting the ocean. I am so happy that you like my ocean paintings.
    So, thank you Wendy! I am so very fortunate to have you and so many other wonderful art blogging buddies! Take care and please keep me posted on your upcoming UK Adventure!
    Your So Appreciative That You Are A Very Impressed Art Cobber!
    Happy Art Buddy Michael