Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Snow Day!"

"Massachusetts Winter Day!"
(Fifteen to twenty beautiful inches of snow and awesome single digit temperatures!"
"Red Cardinal!  White Snow!  Wow!
"Beauty At The Feeder!"

Good Morning Snow!  Our Little Road!

"Shoveled Out And Ready To Go!"

"Snow Bog Blog!"
"Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA, USA!
My Alma Mater!"
"Field near my home! Looks great during any season!"

"Only an artist would place white chicken eggs in a holly bush!"
"Remarkable Red Headed Woodpecker!"
A shout out to our fellow art blogging buddies, "Wendy From Australia of Wendy Barrett Paintings And Other Creations" who never experiences snow, and "Mary of Just Painting" who has a special place in her heart for cardinals!


  1. Everything looks serene when there is a blanket of snow on it. The nature pictures are incredible, so many birds visiting your property. I love seeing these, thank you for taking the time to share!

    1. Hello Celeste!
      So very good to hear from you! I am so happy that these little photos are loved by so many! I am so fortunate to see so much wildlife on a daily basis. However this season I am a bit concerned and saddened because I haven't see any wild turkeys! Hope to see them soon!
      Take care Celeste!
      Oh, I so love your very colorful watercolors! Keep it up!

  2. Wonderful photos, Michael! The red cardinal is truly beautiful against the white snow!

    1. Hi HIlda!
      I am glad you like the photos! I am sometimes reluctant to post photos that may not seem "art" related so I am happy these few snow photos were well received! Keep on painting great works my friend!
      Have to love the red cardinals with white snow!!!
      Take care.

  3. Oooh! I love every one of these photos Michael!
    I too have developed a passion for the red cardinals since seeing them on so many of the American painter's blogs - and your blog in particular!
    I remember since childhood seeing them on the occasional Christmas card so they always remind me of magical childhood Christmas'. The female cardinal and the woodpecker are beautiful creatures too. What a great bird feeder they have to visit. You get such a nice variety of pretty birds in your area. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your house - it must be good exercise having to shovel snow just so you can get in and out of the house! I also enjoyed seeing your old university - it is very stately and so quintessentially American.
    Photographing the chicken's eggs in the holly bush is definitely only the sort of thing an artist would think to do - love it! Holly bushes with their berries are also straight off Christmas cards for me.
    I enjoy seeing as many photos as you want to post Michael - it allows me to enjoy the nicest aspects of your brutal winter vicariously without having to suffer the cold!
    Thanks for posting them all!
    Your art cobber, Wendy

    1. Hello My Very Hot Temperature and Dry Climate Dwelling Buddy! (Wow, that was a mouthful!)
      I am so happy that you have so many wonderful memories of the beautiful cardinals! I know how lucky I am to have so many fantastic creatures visit my back yard so often. I am also glad that somewhere along the way I learned to love them and appreciate just about everything on the planet! You are right about shoveling snow. It can be quite a bit of work! We have to learn to go slowly and as we age get others to shovel for us! I am glad you like my little university photo! I loved going to college! It was during the late sixties. The "Age Of Aquarius!" A very difficult time in the US because of "The War" and so many social issues at the time! I am lucky to live near my old university. The building I photographed is called the Administration Building, one of the oldest buildings on campus! I loved and still do love learning so going to college has great memories for me. Your daughters have so many wonderful experiences to look forward to! Putting eggs in a holly bush? What? I try to never ever second guess myself when it comes to any type of unusual art thought! I am again thrilled that you and others get to see New England snow! I think it is so beautiful and I am glad you think so also!
      Stay cool and be careful with that Australian heat.
      Please post photos of anything you think that would be of interest to us in the northern hemisphere. In my case anything and everything!
      G'day mate!
      Michael Brrrrrrr And Loving It!

  4. Great photos, Michael!!! I can feel your positive energy coming through. Most of our snow melted quickly with the rain and warmer temps yesterday. It is a bit too cold for me today...even indoors. lol Bring back summer!

    1. Hello my snow loving great watercolorist buddy! I am glad you noticed my positive energy! I am fortunate that somewhere along the way I had great teachers and read great books about loving life! I am sorry your snow melted so quickly as ours is doing right this minute. As a matter of fact I am loving the neutral colors of the melting snow against the grey barren trees and awesome cloudy sky. I am planning a painting of such a scene. Maybe I will pop a red cardinal in it to kick it up a notch! I hope it gets a bit warmer in your neck of the woods Joan! I love so much that you do some of your wonderful plein air paintings from your car! Summer will be here soon with its glorious effects too1
      Keep on painting Joan!
      Your Joan T. Watercolor Sketch Loving Art Buddy!

  5. Oh, Michael! Your snow photos are so beautiful! I love snow and our winter has been practically devoid of it so far - your photos are feeding my need to see it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Oh, I so love hear from you Susan! You have so much energy and kindness in your words. Helps make my day! Even your first word, "Oh!" makes me smile!
      I am glad you love snow. I read your comments in other blogs, and I know how much you miss the beautiful cold white stuff! I loved some photos you posted some time ago of your spot on the planet. Please post more!
      I love your art Susan!! Your paintings are joyful and fun filled. Your life drawings and portraits are full of magic mystery and of course great skill. So keep on keeping on my unique art making buddy and fellow snow lover!
      Take care Susan!

  6. Hi Michael!... Seems that we share many more things than Mary as a friend... which is how I discovered your site! Enjoyed my first visi... slowly working my way through your bird and landscape photos,,, trimmed with humour and an extra "Order of Good Cheer!

    Good painting in 2014!

    War regards,

    1. Hello Bruce!
      So thrilling to "meet" a new artist and fellow art blogger! Thank you for dropping in my newest art buddy!
      I love Mary's blog. She is such a great artist. So very honest with her words. It still amazes me the closeness and human contact that is being made by so many through art and blogging!
      I have visited your blog and will be one of your happy followers. I love your art, your words and your way of life! I am hoping you get a chance to check out some of my older posts! I certainly will be doing so with yours! So let's keep on checking out Mary's blog and each others too!
      I am thrilled to "meet" somebody from our neighbor to the north!
      Thanks again Bruce for stopping by!
      Your new art buddy!

  7. I will just have to enjoy your photos of the beautiful snow since I don't like being cold.

    Keep painting...

    1. Hello My Warm Weather Loving Art Buddy!
      I know what it is like to not like the cold. My wonderful wife hates it! She is always amazed, even after all these years together, that I love the cold!
      Oh, I so love your latest post of the whirlpool sea scene! Nice work buddy!
      See you on the blog!
      Michael Brrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. Again, these photos remind me why I am a New England girl at heart. So beautiful. And thank you for the mention in your post :)
    I'm not unhappy about the warmer temps we're experiencing currently but I look forward to some more snow ;)
    Don't tell anyone :)