Friday, January 31, 2014

"Boston Trolleys and New England Roof Slate Paintings!"

#1 Trolley Painting Update
I plan on finishing "#1 Trolley Painting" and "#2 Trolley Painting" this week.  Wish me luck!

I worked on two roof slate paintings this week. In New England the pineapple has been a welcome symbol since colonial days.  For years the families of seamen placed pineapples or symbols of pineapples at their front doors to welcome their loved ones home from the sea! 
This New England roof slate painting shows an old mill in the winter.  Water power was quite common in many parts of Massachusetts for centuries.  At the last minute I added small male and female cardinals

Old Mill New England Welcome Roof Slate hanging near my front door.  Welcome everyone!

Added the Pineapple Welcome Roof Slate between our garage doors. 


  1. Love these paintings. The trolleys are looking great and the "slate" paintings are so cheerful!

  2. Oooh Michael, I love the trolleys!! So icy and atmospheric! I can hear clanging when I look at your painting - do they clang? Or maybe I can hear them rattling? The background colours are fabulous! I also love your welcome roof slates and enjoyed seeing them in situ. The blue, red and yellow colours all look very striking together in the photo of your front door. The little bits of snow on the corners of the steps look so perfectly positioned for a great photo. I love the touch of the two cardinals in the branches. Great post! How is "The Appeal to the Great Spirit" statue going? Is he enjoying the snow?

    Your art cobber,

  3. It is perfect that you put both lovely slates to use so quickly! I like those!!! The trolleys look like they are out in a bit of snow. I love the cool colors you're using in the street and the background. Funny how when I think of trolleys I think SF, not Boston...but there are so many places that used (and still use) them in the past. This is looking' great!

  4. Your slate paintings are a beautiful Michael! I know the pineapple is a symbol from the Colonial era but I was unaware of its meaning. I love the addition of the cardinals and you did a great job on the calligraphy! I love seeing the various layers of paint in your trolley painting, it has a mysterious atmosphere to it. It is looking terrific so far!

    Thank you for all your words of encouragement Michael! Thank you also for your concern, the heavy rains caused a lot of flooding and the city went tilt on Friday. We are safe although we all came back home sopping wet and now I am fighting a cold.

  5. I thought I commented on these amazing trolleys but it never posted so I needed to tell you how much I like it. I love the way you painted the snow and the blues are perfect in the snow!!! I never knew that pineapples was a symbol to welcome loved ones home from the sea!!! I just learned something new!!!!!

  6. Hey Michael, (I left you a 'painful' comment over there on Wendy Barrett's blog, Ha Ha!)
    Love the way this trolley painting is progressing, seems a refection on your recent inclement weather. Even the windshields seem like droopy eyes, reacting to the cold temps.
    I learned something new today. I did not know of the pineapple's welcome symbolic meaning!
    Keep painting...
    (BTW... rahina qr is back!)

  7. I know you will have fun finishing your trolley paintings, Michael, and I look forward to seeing the results! The slate paintings are such a great idea and so welcoming!

  8. enjoyed visiting your blog...lovely works of art.

  9. I love the new england roof slates painting, I wouldn't mind using them as proper roof slates, they'd make any building look terrific!