Saturday, December 28, 2013

Special Art Delivery By Train!

 Friday, December 27, delivered "Eddie C's" to Eddie C.!
Commuter Train From Halifax, MA To Boston, MA
Rode famous Boston trolleys!

East Boston Blue Line Subway !

My dear friend , Eddie C. loved his new painting, "Eddie C's!"
"You can go home!" 


  1. Love the idea of the special delivery!!! Great idea and he looks very happy with it!

  2. Great to see how you got there and to "meet" the recipient of your great painting!

  3. Great photo with your friend Eddie...of course he loved the painting!!!

  4. Michael, your joy is so infectious! I love this post and I love your painting and the huge and beaming smiles on your faces. It is a pleasure to see your work and I always look forward to visiting your blog. Your words of encouragement on my blog always give me courage and make me smile. Thank you for being you, Michael, and for sharing yourself and your art. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Yeah Michael! You went the full nine yards, even delivering the painting in style (which is right up my alley love the trains!). So good of you to bring others joy with your art, and so generous.

    Keep painting...
    Your Train Loving West Coaster

  6. Michael, I loved seeing your various modes of transport in making the delivery. Each train and trolley photo came out great and would make for a good painting. I loved how each of them were so colourful. I so enjoyed seeing the photo of you and Eddie with the painting. Your blog post is like a little story with pictures - a story that has a happy ending! Eddie looks thrilled to have it!
    Keep them coming!

  7. Happy New Year, Michael! I am happy to see this excellent painting featured with its new owner - what a day!!! I can't believe one can get all the way from Halifax to East Boston by train - pretty great.