Monday, June 17, 2013

"Firefighters Tribute"

A new neighbor and friend is a retired Boston Firefighter.  I posted a few older fire fighter paintings and one new to honor him and his brother and sister firefighters.
So much respect for these courageous men and women who do so much for us!

New painting,  "Boston Firefighter"
Acrylic Canvas 12" x 14"

"The 1972 Boston Vendome Hotel Fire"
Oil Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30"

"Worcester MA Warehouse Fire"
Watercolor 14" x 20" paper
"Boston Firefighter Much Needed Deserved Break"
Acrylic Cavas 20" x 30"


  1. Wow Michael, these are all fantastic paintings and all great tributes to firefighters. You've captured so much emotion in each of them.
    Love the greens and blues in your new one - the colours all work so well together. I'm sure your neighbour will be touched by your wonderful paintings.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer weather.
    Your art cobber Wendy

    1. Hello My Australian Art Buddy Wendy!
      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and heartfelt comments!
      I am glad the emotion could be seen. I love firefighters. They go in when others are going out! So brave!
      I am looking forward to seeing my neighbor. I hope he likes them.
      I am very much enjoying our summer weather. Rain has slowed down a bit. Great rainbow the other night. Maybe I will post a photo.
      Flowers are starting to bloom and I am sighting my little humming birds returning. Also in the woods our lady slipper flowers are in bloom. They are endangered and cannot be touched. They are so beautiful. I should post a photo for you!
      Hope your weather is also fine. Is it fall down under? (Hey "fall down under" an unintended pun!
      I am always happy to hear from you Wendy. Now get back to painting Mate!
      Your USA art cobber!

  2. These are all amazing paintings, Michael...You did a fantastic job on them. I love your new one...perfect texture and such a wonderful tribute to all these incredible people! I truly love the last one "Boston Firefighter Much Needed Break"....Excellent piece, my friend!

    1. You are so very kind Hilda! I am thrilled when you wrote amazing and fantastic. Coming from a great artist like you that makes my day! Firefighters are the best. Like you wrote incredible people!
      Thank you so much Hilda!
      Love your latest portrait. So nice of you to paint it!

  3. Nice tributes to the firefighters. You showed their strength and determination. Well done!

    1. Hello Joan!
      Strength and determination! Thank you Joan! I am happy that came through my work. I have always loved firefighters. When I was a little boy I was so proud to receive a small fire marshal award by our local East Boston Fire Station. Huge influence on me!
      Thank you for your comments Joan!

  4. Un bel hommage avec vos merveilleuses oeuvres...
    Ma fille est infirmière libérale et infirmière également chez les pompiers...
    Gros bisous à vous

    1. Merci beaucoup Martine!
      Thank you very much for your wonderful comments. Made my day!
      You must be so very proud of your daughter! Nurses rank so very high in my book! They "walk with the angels" and do God's work! Bravo to your daughter! You must be so proud of her.
      Gros bisous a vous aussi!
      Votre ami d'art!
      Michael Michel

  5. pretty great that you have a firefighter "series"----- these paintings are all amazing. You should find a way to display them somewhere. I know people would love them just like we do! The green in the top portrait is an unexpected surprise. It's unusual...very cool

    1. Hello Celeste!
      Thank you! I never thought of a series. You are right! "Amazing" is such a wonderful compliment! Thank you very much Celeste! I was thinking of donating them to a firefighter museum in Boston. Never quite sure if they were worthy of such! So thank you. Your words make me feel so very good!
      I am glad you noticed the green in the first work! I did that work quickly with much emotion and very little thinking about my actions!
      Thank you for taking the time to write to me!
      I love your art and your blog! Your clouds rock the runway!

  6. These paintings are phenomenal Michael. I had no idea you had this passion. The top painting is very cool, as Celeste said. But I am blown away by the 'Warehouse fire.' The ghostly white on the left speaks volumns.

    1. Hello My Dear Art Buddy Linda!
      Always so very, very nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to write. It means so much to me!
      Wow! You wrote "phenomenal" about my work! That has got to be the best compliment ever!
      I am going to pause a bit and savor that comment. (Picture me pausing!) Thank you Linda! I am so glad you noticed my passion in these works. I love to be passionate about so many things! I think passion is a huge part of life and living! When I was teaching I had so much passion for my students I constantly had to control my tears when things went wrong and even when they went well. I think passion can lead to joy! Joy is such a great feeling! There are many things I am passionate about, people, teaching, and art are way up there on the top of the list. To have someone see the passion in my art is overwhelming. Thank you so much for pointing that out!
      You are the best Linda. I am so happy to be blogging because of fellow artists bloggers like you.
      Take care my dear art friend!
      Your passionate art buddy!

  7. These are amazing paintings! I am currently a full-time firefighter/college student with North Spartanburg in SC and I am doing an art project and I was wondering if you could tell me what year "Boston Firefighter" was produced. Great work!