Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Support Boston USA"

Please Remember The People of Boston and The Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013

Anything you can do to show your support for the people of Boston would be greatly appreciated!

(Even singing a few bars of "Dirty Water" by Standells or by Dropkick Murphys would be nice. )

A very sad day in my (our) home town.
Boston, MA, USA
My Boston Marathon Medal



  1. At times like this I always feel like I'm not sure what to say or do. I hope everyone you know is safe and not affected. I have friends who have children that were in the marathon and luckily were fine. Things like this are heart breaking...I just want to give everyone a big hug and a shoulder if needed. Instead I will remember those who were lost or injured and pray for them and their families and friends.

    1. Thank you so much Joan! I know exactly how you feel. I never know what to say or do either.
      I am so glad your friends' children are okay.
      Your big hug and a shoulder are the best medicine.
      Thank you again.
      Take care.

  2. positive thoughts winging up for all of Boston ---It's incomprehensible! I love seeing your medal.

    1. Again, thank you so much Celeste. it is amazing how now we all have to get used to more senseless tragedy. I am happy you like the medal. I am not sure what to say or do. I hoped posting a photo of the medal might help.
      I am sorry for your loss also.
      Take care my friend.

  3. My thoughts and prayers go to all the people who have been affected in Boston. It's difficult to think of anything else, Michael!!
    It may be your hometown.... but its ours as well!!
    Take care, my friend!

    1. So very nice of you to write Hilda! Thank you!
      Your thoughts and prayers are very helpful. It is so sad.
      You are so right Boston is "our" hometown!" Because of your very poignant message I just edited "my" and added "our" to hometown in the post!
      Thank you!
      "Boston Strong!" is the new slogan around town! I like that.
      Take care Hilda and thank you so much.
      Your friend,

  4. Hi Michael,
    It must have been terrifying for you when you were trying to contact all your friends and family to find out if they were safe - knowing they had been attending the event. I was so pleased to hear they were all safe.
    A local friend of mine who follows my blog also enjoys following yours. She tried to post on your blog last night but there seemed to be some sort of glitch. So she sent this email to me and I have cut and pasted it for you to read.
    Thinking of you all over there.
    Take care,

    Hi Wendy
    I've been reading your American art buddy's blog & had enjoyed his post about Patriot's Day. So I was very sad to hear of the bombing of the Boston Marathon.The saving grace has been the way Bostonians have been so generous in offering accommodation, meals, transport & other assistance to the athletes and spectators. Within hours, I was reading through a bulletin board where people from all walks of life were offering their help. I tried to send a note to your friend but couldn't work out the email system. Even though I don't know him except through the zest and optimism that usually bursts from his blog & paintings, I feel for him and his loved ones.
    Hope all's well with you.

    1. Hello Wendy and Hi Brunette!
      A huge thank you for caring! Imagine two great Aussies thinking of their buddies in Boston!
      Tears of joy over here!
      Thank you Brunette for trying so hard to get through! Gestures like yours make a huge difference. My family and friends, me too, are so amazed and happy that people care from all over the world! Especially you both! Also thank you Brunette for describing me with zest and optimism! Well because of you and so many others that zest and optimism are on their way back. The sadness is still there but now I can sense a hint of courageous anger! Not a negative vengeful feeling but more like a fighter who was knocked to the ground the getting back on his or her feet! Thank you!
      You both might be interested in knowing that Australian, Rob de Castella, former Boston Marathon Champion, 1983, was at the race with Aboriginal runner Emma Cameron! Both are safe! Back in the day when I was running marathons Rob de Castella was a huge hero of mine! Australians have always had a special place in my heart. Now because of you both I even have a greater love for Australia and its wonderful people! I always tear up when I hear "Waltzing Matilda!"
      So be on the lookout for my latest work. Of course it will be about the Boston Marathon! You both have helped me get back to my easel! If you closely in this future work you will see a tribute to Australia! Thank you mates!
      Your Australian Brother!
      Thanks so much for so much!