Friday, December 21, 2012

"Different Holiday Tree Decorations!"

I can't think of a better way to decorate a tree for a holiday or any day!
I painted these little bird houses the other day for some much needed fun.
I hope my bird buddies like them! One has a bit of a Caribbean flair to it.  The other, with its rainbows, is a very small remembrance of the wonderful students and teachers from Connecticut!

 Me, trying to figure where to hang my "Holiday Tree Decorations!"
I decided to go further into the woods to place these little "Holiday Tree Decorations!"
Bring on the birds!


  1. Ciao Michael,
    sorry for late, sometime to use the computer it is not so fun as to paint little houses for birds like yours! Very nice works! Can you tell me if in the future some birds think like me and are happy to use these beatiful homes?
    thank you very much for your kind comments!
    Ciao, auguri, a presto, ciao, Floriana

    1. Ciao Floriana!
      So very good to hear from you!
      Than you for your wonderful comments!
      Your English is very good! Bravo!
      I hope the birds enjoy their new homes. I will keep my camera ready to take photos for you when the birds move in!
      Ciao! Grazi! Un abrazo!
      Bonne Natale!

  2. I like the colorful look to these decorations!!! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Joan! It was good therapy for me to do something silly and fun!
      Let's hope we are all on the mend soon!
      Thanks for so much!
      Your "Teacher Colleague And Art Buddy Michael!"

  3. No doubt you made some birds very happy! And likey some bird family will be raised in those sweet little shelters!

  4. Hello Susan!
    You are so very nice! Let's hope so! I will be on the look out for some smiling birds. Lately huge turkeys and tiny chickadees taking turns at the bird bath. I should post the photos!
    Take care.

  5. what a great idea...I love that you did this! They really are so wonderful. The birds and people will love them!

    1. Hello Celeste!
      Thank you so very much! I love your feedback. Always brightens my day!
      As soon as some of my bird buddies move in I will photo and post!

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