Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Don't Wait Another Day! Paint It Now!"

This old farm house was always on my painting  to do list!  ( I posted this photo not too long ago!)

The day after Thanksgiving I  was devastated to discover the house had burned to the ground


The fire is under investigation!

 I returned today and found that someone had left a bouquet of flowers as a memorial!

Of course that someone was me!

I am planning on making two paintings, one before the fire and one after the fire. Both from photographs.
Keep painting everyone!

Take care.


  1. oh, how quickly things change. our home burned down two years ago...the Tolkien quote took on a whole new meaning for me: "from the ashes a fire shall be woken..."

    looking forward to both of your paintings.

  2. Oh Kim! I am so very sorry for you guys! That must have been devastating! You must have been heart broken. You hang in there! You seem to be able to be upbeat and full of life! Good for you!
    Take care and thanks for dropping by again!
    Keep making your great art.
    Your art buddy,

  3. Such a shame. The flowers....a nice gesture. If not for the person responsible, for the fine structure that it was. I'll look forward to the paintings.

    1. Thanks Celeste!
      I have never left flowers anywhere like that.
      So sad.

  4. Oh no!!! That's what happens when we take to long to paint may disappear. At least you have photos of it for the before painting. I'll be watching for the paintings.

  5. You are so right Joan!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. You are right Michael,
    My moms attached garage, and on into the kitchen, caught fire in '03. The rest of the house was devastated by smoke and water damage. She nearly lost everything. We THANK the fire department for showing up within 5 minutes of the call otherwise she would have lost it all!

    I have seen many a subject disappear when I would return to paint it. One of my favorite subjects was an oil pumping station from the 30's or 40's I think, my series I call the "Oil Plant" series.
    I returned after not having visited it for several months and it was gone, torn down.
    That has been a theme in my work, sites, buildings etc., that are disappearing.

    Keep painting... til the end!

  7. David,
    Thank goodness your mother was okay! So glad fire department got there quickly. Sorry about the fire. Very tragic! I have such great respect for firefighters!
    I think I remember seeing some of your work posted from the "Oil Plant" series. I love your subject matter and the way you interpret.
    Sorry that structure was torn down! It seems our society doesn't value "old" things. I wish we would preserve more. ( I remember visiting my old apartment building as it was being demolished for newer units. One of the construction workers commented to me, "Isn't it great this eyesore is finally coming down!" I told him know the "eyesore" was my home!" He let me take a brick as a keepsake and I departed.
    Keep painting is right.
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Michael,
    Brick still life.

    Yep I did a watercolor "303 S. Pacific #1", similar to your story, a local business instead of home, had been their forever, it got eaten.

    Keep painting...

  9. OH :( Lovely painting and very touching story. I mourn all the local sites that are no longer.