Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Green And Yellow Fall" Oil Canvas 20" x 30"

I painted this from an old magazine photo.  Many old abandoned stone walls around my area.  Love them.  Many of them smack in the middle of deep woods.  Probably farm land way back in the day.  
Went out today to so some work but too windy and rainy.  Took some great photos of some very bright fall reds and yellows.  Paint from them later.
Hope "Sandy" doesn't do much harm.  We in New England, south coast of Massachusetts, are getting ready!
Hope all are well.
Boa sorte!


  1. Batten the hatches! I hope the big storm takes a big u turn...and that you won't be affected. this is a good has almost a "sleep hollow" feel to it!

  2. Celeste,
    Thank you. You are right it does have a "Sleepy Hollow" effect!
    It is now 9:45 AM and the winds and rains are picking up. Won't get the big impact of the storm until later this afternoon and early evening. Hope all are well up and down the East Coast!
    Happy Halloween!