Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"The Ocean-Never Finished" Acrylic Canvas 15" x 30"

 The Beginning!
 The Middle
The End (I doubt it!)

Funny thing about my creative process.  I know I have mentioned in the past that when I start a painting I have and idea and it usually is a vague one.  Because of that it is a challenge to know when to stop.  I thought the middle stage of this work was the finshed product. The other day I was looking at it and knew I had to add some warm colors.  So much fun and adventure when I paint.  I am going to store this little work and take a look at it later to see if it is finished.  I wonder if it is ever finished.
Enjoy the day.
Peace and good health.


  1. Ciao,
    Più che una progressione io vedo 3 momenti ...potrebbero essere 3 quadri indipendenti che mostrano 3 volti diversi di una natura in movimento, in subbuglio, in agitazione...è il suo momento di protesta...
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana
    p.s. Grazie per i bei complimenti! Ciao, ciao

    1. Ciao, Hello, Ola, il mio amica di arte Floriana. Grazie per tutte le vostre parole gentili!
      I learned to look at my art in a new and wonderful way because of you!
      Thank you! Grazie!
      Your USA Friend,

  2. Hi Michael
    I love them all.
    Happy day to you too, Evelyn

  3. Hello Evelyn!
    Thank you so very much for visiting and telling me you like my work. Receiving great comments like yours make my day.
    I am looking forward to checking out your site soon.
    Happy day back to you.
    Your new art buddy,