Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Red Sky Colorful Sea" Acrylic Canvas 24" x 30" Three Stages One Painting

 First step for most of my works is to "have an idea but make it vague one." (To paraphrase Pablo Picasso.)  
I am always motivated to paint ocean waves.  I love their movement, color, their ever changing motion and so much more.
The above photo is  the first step in this painting's journey.
The photo below is another phase and the bottom photo is the painting when I stopped.
I love "layering" my works for many reasons.  I think doing so adds depth, interest, and even a little drama.   My paintings often direct me rather than me direct them.  While I am painting  I seldom stop myself or question a decision I make.  Go with the flow seems to work for me.
At this stage for this particular work I "kicked" up the color a bit.  Added a few details and highlights and then decided to stop. Sometimes it is appropriate to leave some of the painting "undone" so the person looking at the painting can do some imagining.   Not sure if a painting is ever finished but I think this one works.  I hope others like it and understand a little about my painting process.  Enjoy!


  1. Gosto de pintura,quer seja figurativa, quer seja abstracta. Gosto da cor e do movimento que se imprime na mistura das mesmas. Apreciei a seu blogue.

  2. Maria,
    Obrigado muito para suas palavras. Eu sou muito,muito, feliz voce gosta de minhas pinturas. Eu sou pesaroso que eu nao falo o portugues. O amor Portugal de I e foi ao Acores bonito. Voce fala o ingles? Eu aprecio sua arte igualmente.
    Muito obrigado,

  3. I feel the same as you do about paintings.. leaving something for the imagination at the end and not overdoing it! You did great on this one, and love the ocean waves.. maybe this is what I am trying to do in my paintings too, I love curves and movement, as well as trying to evoke an emotion of place and time... you do this really well, and the kicked up color really adds to it. It's nice to meet another person who works more intuitively than from photos. I just go with a feeling and use color that way too. We are kindred spirits! Hugs!