Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Me" Self Portrait 1968 Watercolor Paper 24" x 20"

  When I did this self portrait back in 1968 how could I ever have imagined that this image would be available for all the world to see on something called a blog on computers that are commonplace in most homes.  Wow!  What will 2012 bring!  Happy New Year Everyone!  Peace!


  1. Michael,
    Yeah! who knew? One of the best things about the ever common computer, how it has allowed us all to so easily look in what our fellow artists are doing. And quite a fascinating portrait too. As the artist looking back on it so many years later what are your thoughts on it now?

  2. Thanks for you positive comments David. Also good question!
    I am pretty happy with the work now. Sometimes it is odd to think I ever was that young and that was how I looked! I have fond memories of painting it and I am glad I saved it. Thanks for asking a question that got me to reflect and think a bit.

  3. Good to "see" you. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Amazing how the world has changed in such a short time. We are so connected now. And certainly, I never imagined it!
    I like your self portrait, and I'm glad you like this glimpse at your once-upon-a-time self.

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    1. Happy New Year to you too Rose! Thank you so very much for your very kind words! Sorry I am late in replying to your wonderful comments. I haven't been on the blog site lately. Busy teaching art to local area cub scouts. Much fun and quite a bit of work too!

  6. Busy is GOOD :) It keeps us out of trouble, right? I'm happy that you are doing work with the cub scouts. As a girl scout from a long time ago, I was always so thrilled to have teachers come to our troop to discuss new things with us.. arts and crafts was right up there for me! Cheers! Enjoy the week ahead! :)