Monday, December 12, 2011

"Fish, Fish, And Fishermen" Watercolors

"Fish Plate # 1"
Watercolor 12" x 14"
I let myself really go with this still life!  I wish I took a photo.  There was only one fish placed on a white plate with ice and some lettuce in the set up.

"Fish Plate # 2"
Watercolor 12" x 14"
I again "saw" things that weren't in the set up with this fish still life!
I didn't like painting a fish on a plate.

"Off The New England Coast"
Watercolor 24" x 20"
This painting is modeled after a black and white photo I saw in a local newspaper.  I love everything about the ocean.  When I was young I thought I may grow up to be a fisherman.


  1. Wow.. great movement and so many emotions in all three.. I can really feel the sea spray in the last one! Hoping your December is going well. I love to see all your new creations. Wish I was doing more in watercolor these days but the oil pastel bug has taken over and I've done many calla lilies (have you seen them?) Not sure what kind of style you like but I draw/paint in near everything. Just not oils.. you have a way with the paint :) Hugs to you!

  2. Thanks Rose! Reading your comments makes my day!
    I will check out your calla lilies ASAP!
    I enjoy your work very much and your enthusiasm!
    Keep on keeping on!